Monday, January 31, 2011

Bye, January!

Will you post more often now? Did you have fun? Was it a ridiculous idea? What do you think? I learned a few things: I need to get better at replying to comments and commenting on posts! Also, weheartit was my saving grace when I didn't have content prepared. I also realized that quality > quantity... I felt like a loser when I was posting only to meet the daily quota, instead of genuinely posting good content I was proud of. What did you learn?

Thanks for joining in this crazy plot--I sincerely loved getting to see different parts of your lives, and even when I was in lurker mode (not commenting as much), it was so enjoyable to read what you had to say!

Here's to a beautiful February.


  1. Yay!!! Addie, you did it!!!! I loved reading your blog, and yes, I'm also guilty of not commenting on all your posts of January (Tany lurker) lol..
    I read them from my itouch, and regarding your content,
    I really think that a great blog is about posting the deep passions of life!
    And that's exactly what you posted!
    From outfits of the day, to sewing a great bag to hand printing Xmas's all about "Addies Life!" & you delivered that!
    ......You are genuine Addie my love...and I wouldn't change a thang!
    Plus I love that you made a vid for us to listen and see you!:) YAY!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Addie, for doing this!

    My response to your question is here, plus I have my own blog challenge for February:

  3. I failed, so I shouldn't be allowed to comment, and my blog was set up for daily posts!
    I think you did a fine job tho.

  4. Pfft, J. You tried, and you blogged more than you have in months! And you got to show off your xmas decorations. ^_^

  5. yay! I failed in the end but it was fun!

  6. It was a great idea, and fun too. Hope you have a great semester back at school.

  7. I lapsed a couple of times, but it's been a great January!

  8. Great job! Once a week is all I can muster, if I'm lucky - but that's not why I'm here to ooze happiness:

    I'm sure you've seen it, but... it's just so exciting.


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