Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green & Yellow.

Hello. I am a Packers fan.

& we're going to win.

I've always been a Packers fan, but this fall, when I started college in Wisconsin & began to hang out with a bunch of guys who were hardcore fans, it became somewhat infectious. It's hard to not watch every game when that's how your buddies spend their Sunday afternoons, and pretty soon, it became my priority, too. So here we are, rooting for our team like it's nobody's business. We need this. GO PACK GO!

top / handmade | skirt / vintage & altered | tights / courtesy of We Love Colors | moccasins / target


  1. OK, OK, and it is, in fact, a supercute outfit. Man, Chicago is so not into the Superbowl this year. Heh.

  2. Haha! Thanks, Janice. I understand--my dad's family is from Chicago so I'm a secondary Bears fan (rivalry is lost on me). Stout is SO into the Superbowl, the dorms are WILD tonight. My throat hurts from yelling!

  3. your tights are WOW. and you also look mildly cheerleaderly, in a hot way.

  4. lol oh Jess!! :)
    In Wisconsin? Omg you are so close to Our beloved Hippie! You guys should meet up!
    Plus you look amazing!!! And I love the hair Addie, very polish!!!
    Oh and BTW:
    I was YES! YES!!!! YESSSSSSSss!!!!!
    Tony was ehhh.... lol!
    Yes, I watch football:) what? lol

  5. those yellow tights are awesome, i love when ppl wear color!


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