Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FUSED. part 2

We had our photoshoot & it was marvelous. We totally achieved the look we were going for!

Alex is wearing our cape--necessary for a late fall line!

Kelly is wearing the Fiesta leggings. (Aren't they fantastic?)

Kendra is wearing the harem pants. I kind of threw these together, and they weren't very good, but she wore them really well! She's so striking in this picture.

Molly is wearing our fringed, one-sleeved top. It's out of bamboo & suede. :)

Paige is wearing the Safari skirt. It's got a knot in the back that kind of shortens it & adds visual interest.

Lindsay is wearing the Fiesta top: business in front & party in the back!

I'm wearing the cowl-neck dress. This is the piece I'm keeping, & I'm super stoked to get it back and wear it out!

This is what our billboard would look like...

& this is a magazine cover I put together! (Haha, we were ripping off Teen Vogue.)

Our group shots are my favorite.

Alex & Kendra made company t-shirts with our logo to wear while we presented, too.

Here we are, super relieved that it's almost over!

We presented the first day & it went incredibly well. We were on such a high afterward--after a month of work and practically going insane over the project, it was finally over and it had been a success. So, um, I love my major, if you were wondering!


  1. wow! did anyone else in the class make their lines? I can't imagine the teacher being anything but impressed. let us know how all ya'll did!

  2. WOW. I absolutely LOVE those leggings. You guys should totally make more, I would buy some. <3 Your major is awesome, I'm so envious! If I were to go back to college and get another undergrad degree, that would definitely be on my top 10 list, right after violin! You truly are gifted and LUCKY!

  3. Quite impressive! And you guys are only freshman?!? As a teacher is makes me so happy to know there are such talented and dedicated students out there.

  4. Terrific! I love the Fiesta leggings and the cowl-neck dress.

  5. I love the shot at the end, you all look like Disco Charlie's Angels Fashion Student Ninja Squad! Or, something.

    I think I like the styling on Paige's piece the best. That's a great piece!

  6. These are so beautiful! I'd pick one of these pieces out in a store.

    Great work!

  7. The photo shoot looked like the most fun ever!!! I'm sure you will get a great grade! Love the magazine cover! =)
    <3 Dana

  8. The line looks amazing! I am in love with the Fiesta Leggings in particular.


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