Saturday, June 4, 2011

you said you loved me, with a lot of conviction

This is a work outfit! (Minus the heels--I'd fall & drop things if I didn't wear flats at work!) I am working a split shift today, so I had about 3 hours off, during which I read, sketched, and took a blogging break. I'm narrowing down some designs I can easily make multiples of, because while one-of-a-kinds are great, it's hard to go through the creative process, pattern making, and initial sewing stages every single time I make a garment for the shop. If I can make patterns (in several sizes, hopefully) for a few designs and then just sew like a machine, I think I'll be able to load the shop up much more.

So, I really love my work! I enjoy the fast pace--I hate not being busy, and we're pretty much always running around. I haven't been making as many mistakes as I thought I would, which is hopefully going to continue--fingers crossed! Plus, it's fun to see so many different people in one day, in and out. Speaking of seeing so many people... at school, when someone found out I was homeschooled and lived in the middle of nowhere and sometimes, during the middle of winter, would only see my parents during the day--they asked, "Wait, so what's the most amount of people you've seen in one place before?" I was a little taken aback, and then I was like, "Um... thousands?" Haha, just because I grew up in the middle of woods doesn't mean I've never left! It was just such an odd question to receive.

I finally have internet at my house, which is certainly exciting, but it also means my online summer class is starting, too. Yuck! At least it's only a month--then I'm back to normal summer break again.

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