Monday, January 10, 2011

Swing Low

Today I realized that I'm really excited to go back to school. Stoked, even. I miss a lot of people and a lot of things about being there. As much as I love being home--and no, I don't really want break to be over--I won't be sad to go back.


One thing I'm really looking forward to is again participating in swing club! I don't claim to be a good dancer (ha), but I am really good at wearing outfits that twirl, and sometimes, that's enough to make up for my lack of skills. Really, cute boys (who can actually dance), good music, and an excuse to dress up? Obviously I'm there!


But that got me thinking about wardrobe choices... and about how I should dress more vintage/pin-up when I go. Which, of course, requires new clothes. I'm thinking about a few new dresses, maybe some skirts I can rotate through the mix. All with a few requirements: allowance for movement (arms/shoulders); nothing that needs adjusting, ever; short sleeves; & always, maximum twirling capabilities.

So here are some things that have been inspiring me to make a new wardrobe for myself...







Alright, so the last isn't inspiration for clothing, but I adore the photo.

I promise, I'll put something substantial together for tomorrow's post. I was boring & wore jeans today (ew), but I'll throw something cute on tomorrow and make myself look presentable. Sometimes I look at my clothes and feel so uninspired to wear any of it, which is clear indication of a need to get some more workable pieces into it! Hopefully I can scrap some new clothes together before the end of break.


  1. Good luck going back to school and study hard. You are really good at what you do and you love it! Have fun ^_^

  2. Oh Addie! Your coming over more & more to the "Rockabilly-PinUp" side!!
    *jumps for joy!!" if I could! LOL!
    Aww so lucky to be able to Swing Dance......ahhh memories!

    I took Tony to a Classic Rodster Show & omg there was swing music, the Cherry Popping Daddys playing in the background and everyone looked like we got transported to the 50's again! AWSOME!!!
    And yes!!! The boys CAN dance! :) & no emo hair! Haha only HOT looking Greasers! Ohhhhhh come to mama! .....ahem! ;)

  3. Ruth - Aw, thanks, Ruth! You're sweet. I have a bit of time left, yet, but soon enough I'll be hitting the books again!

    Tany - Haha! I sure am. ;) It's irresistible!

    Aww, that sounds so perfect! & yeah, Greasers! :) Hot & dapper, none of this saggy jeans & baseball cap nonsense!


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