Friday, January 7, 2011

I Got A Thing About You

For my Apparel Construction class, we had to make a button-down shirt (with a collar & cuffs) for our final project. We had to use a pattern, so I honestly just chose the cheapest one at Wal-Mart (some New Look pattern, can't recall the number). I wish I had chosen one with a traditional neckline now, instead of a V, but ah, well. I'll wear this regardless. Anyway, it was pretty intense to make. I'd never done anything with a collar & neckband before, so doing that was difficult--but the finished product is so awesome! I love clean finishes. So much.

It has flat-felled seams everywhere but the arms, slipstitched cuffs, and 6 darts throughout. (Psst. I got an A on it! :D)

This is my "I can't feel my fingers and I just got snow in my boots" expression. It was snowing and really, really cold when I was taking these. By the end of it, I was having extreme difficulty pressing the buttons on the camera because my fingers were totally numb. When I finally got inside, it hurt SO much for them to be in the warm air! I was bouncing around like little goats do, wailing, "Whyyyy do I doooooo this to myself??" (Answer: Because I not-so-secretly love it.)

head scarf / vintage | knit scarf & pendant /gifts | shirt & skirt / handmade | belt / trade | boots & socks / target

I think I'm going to turn on my heater, crank up some Tom Petty, set up my sewing machine, & sew all weekend. What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love how you got the plaid to match up in the front all the way to the placket!

    I've got my Computer Class tomorrow, and I think I will buy a sponge mop and some lysol and mop the floors. And then the house has a dinner this weekend as well.

  2. I am soooo jealous of your sewing skillz!

  3. I'm impressed! This shirt looks great.

  4. I'm all sorts of into plaid lately, and love the V neck on your shirt myself. Very nice!

  5. GREAT JOB!!! DD#2 was standing next to me when I was looking at this, and she said "OOO Pretty!" in her lil squeak voice.

    Aqua and red is one of my fav color combos.

    I'm going to clean out the closet under the stairs this weekend, if you don't hear from me, send in a search party!

  6. I wish I had your pattern-using/collar-making skills. Congrats on the A! It's well deserved. :)

  7. you are super super cute! love it!

  8. What is the skirt fabric? Love the rich color and texture

  9. Janice - Thanks! It was a pain, but worth it, of course! Oh, have fun at the dinner!

    Lauren - Aww, thanks, dear!

    Chaucee - Thank you!!

    Corvus - Thanks, doll!

    Jessica - Haha, aw. I'm glad to have her approval! :) Thank you! Yikes, good luck! My mom is cleaning this weekend too, & my goal is to not be roped into it.

    Sonja - Oh, patterns aren't too bad once you get the lingo down! Thanks, doll. :)

    Ruth - Shucks! Thank you!

    Anonymous - It's actually a quilting cotton someone gave to me a while back, with a faint fleur-de-lis print on it.

  10. I frickin' love this, the amazing shirt and how you styled it! <3

  11. So far, Addie has managed to escape the big cleaning adventure, though she has to endure my continuous interruptions over old things I find....

  12. Gorgeous! I can't believe you made that yourself! Not because you don't have talent, mind you, just that it's so far above what I can do...

  13. I made that exact same top a couple years ago with the same pattern I believe and the lumberjack buffalo checks except mine was red. I hadn't even realized the different v-neck neckline it had until a friend pointed it out. But it's my fave top to wear in the fall/winter. I love how you paired your top with a red skirt!


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