Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yellow Sundress!

IMG_0680.jpg picture by Addikins

I don't know if you remember, but a couple months back I was yakking on about yellow sundresses and how they were my #1 summer clothing obsession. Well, guess what? I finally got mine made. I found this pretty polkadotted fabric at Joann's and knew immediately that it was perfect for a sundress. Absolutely ideal. It took about three weekends to complete, drawn out because I ran out of thread, and then I didn't have time! But I finished it on Friday afternoon in time to wear to As You Like It & the jazz dance (which were both fabulous, by the way!).

IMG_0661.jpg picture by Addikins

IMG_0683.jpg picture by Addikins

It's very vintage-inspired. To be honest, it's not totally done yet--I am going to add belt loops and a cute removable tie belt, I think. I also have a couple more buttons to sew on the top! But it's done enough to wear, and that's the important part, haha.

IMG_0650.jpg picture by Addikins

IMG_0691.jpg picture by Addikins

IMG_0696.jpg picture by Addikins

I have a hard time doing button-down style tops. I totally messed up the collar and neckline on this one--the neckline is way wider than it should be, and the collar is just generally funny-shaped. It's not so weird that I wouldn't wear it (quite the opposite) but it's not at the standard I want it to be. Well, I guess you learn from things like this, right? Maybe I'll find some info on how to do it properly and do better next time.

So, have you acquired your summer must-have item yet?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I adore my tiger shirt? Because I do. I really, really do. It has metallic silver on it.

IMG_0633.jpg picture by Addikins

I have a little over a week to finish everything for graduation, and for shame! I feel like I've barely made a dent in it. I also only have two weeks of class before finals, believe it or not. I can't believe how fast time is going by! Pretty soon everything will be done and I'll be home again. It's kind of scary when things speed up like this; I feel like I can't keep my grasp on things. And my to-do list simply seems to get longer!

The prospect of being home is terribly exciting, though. I don't exactly have jobs lined up and I'm pretty worried about that, but I'm also vaguely hoping to start up my shop again with a bang, kind of running a one-woman sweatshop. Maybe I'll just do odd jobs and scrap together enough to make it through next year.

IMG_0616.jpg picture by Addikins
shades / bluedame // top / target // belt / traded // skirt / thrifted // shoes / vintage

I had lots of challenges with the shadows when I took these photos, but somehow I think they came out halfway decent. More interesting than my balcony shots normally are, anyway!

IMG_0637.jpg picture by Addikins

Last night we went to the Flogging Molly concert. It was awesome! Such a great show. I love having the opportunity to go to live music, especially really good live music. I was in the mosh pit for a little while, but I felt bad, like I was in the way. Haha. I also didn't wear this outfit, if you were wondering. Heels in a mosh pit? Heck no! Anyway, I scooted over to the edge to some other friends & to a spot where I could actually see the band. I'm too short, apparently! But, yeah, they put on a fantastic show.

So, um, any helpful coping tips for crammed studies & finals week?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I've been meaning to post these since Friday, when we took them, but I've just been so crazy busy! Even right now, I have so many things I should be doing, but it's been a week. You deserve a post, though this is just a brief one!

This is my roommate, Jaimee. She's such a doll! We were both gussied up--her for a flute thing, me for kicks--so we dashed out on the balcony to snap some photos. Such fun!

I'm slowly getting things checked off my list. Today it was my analytical paper for Shakespeare class--somehow I pulled it off with a bit of time to spare. My brother is the best & takes time to look over my big papers for me--isn't that sweet? Next on my list is a little paper & a couple acts of a play to read, as well as my portfolio & exit exam for graduation (11 days!).

I also have the most ridiculous social schedule this week. It looks something like this:
Monday: Sitting in on the As You Like It rehearsal (so I can write a paper on it)
Tuesday: Mixed Recital (supporting my friend with the most beautiful voice ever)
Wednesday: Flogging Molly concert (yesssssss. So. Excited.)
Friday: As You Like It performance (so I can actually enjoy it this time) & Jazz Dance

I never have this many things to go to! I'm honestly one of the most boring people ever, I always sit at home and sew, haha. So it's exciting and all, but it also falls over the most crazy time for school & class! Typical.

Ah, but it's almost summer! We'll make it yet!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plum and Lavender

This is a dress I made in about an hour and a half. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love instant gratification. I was kind of making it because I wanted to wear it to an event on Saturday evening, but that didn't quite happen. I would've lost my seat if I'd stuck around to attach the bodice to the skirt! The event was a concert for the Jazz Fest weekend here at the university. It was awesome! I went partially because I love the jazz ensembles here, and partially because I wanted to support my brother, who was playing! It was really, really great. They had very impressive professional guest musicians, include this mad awesome trumpet player. My brother played in a combo (my absolute favorite--such a talented group!), and one of the songs they played was Blister In The Sun. It made my evening.

Because I hadn't finished it that night, I decided to finish it in the morning before church so I could wear it. I hauled my machine out to the lounge at 8:30 with my hair still dripping, and was dressed, pressed, and ready to go at 8:45. I love when things turn out that way.

So on campus right now, loads of people are playing this Humans vs. Zombies game. It's basically a huge game of tag, with a growing hoard of zombies who "feast" on the humans. It lasts for ten days, and we're currently ending day two. I didn't join in, mostly because I was too lazy to go look up the rules and sign up, but it's the most amusing thing to watch. Everyone who is still human is jittery and paranoid, running from class to class. All the "zombies" are hiding behind bushes and trees and around corners to jump out at people. There are frequent screams and squeals right outside my window, & I'll look out to see people being chased every now and then. So funny.

Oh yeah, so this dress. I got the rayon jersey from Joann's & I've had the stretchy lace for ages. It was ridiculously simple to put together--I forgot how much I love working with knits! It's not actually a bubble hem yet, just pinned to a slip. I wasn't sure how I wanted it so I've tried it both ways, and I think I'll make this permanent when I get a chance!

dress / handmade // sweatshirt / traded // tights & boots / forever21

Ah, the run in my tights. This is my second pair of polkadot tights, and both have ripped so easily. Such a shame, because I adore them! Clearly it doesn't stop me from wearing them, but I wear things into the ground. (See: these boots. The soles are shredded and they slouch so much but I can't seem to stop wearing them!) Do you have worn out clothing that you just can't bear to throw away?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday In The Park

We did go on a walk yesterday--which turned into a bit of an adventure! First we walked around town a bit...

...and then we stopped in a diner for shakes and malts.
Paul, James, & Mary looking very intent.

I ordered a strawberry shake.
Then we made our way over to a park in the middle of the river.
...And proceeded to play on all the playground equipment.

And climbed the trees.
And then we walked back.

sunglasses, tiger shirt / Target // trench / Delia's // dress / handmade // polkadot tights, boots / f21

So basically it was a very good time. So good of a time, in fact, that I took a bunch of video footage & edited it together into this:

Have a happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


clotheshorsequote.jpg picture by Addikins

Rebecca can be found at her blog, here.

Want to Hear Something Dorky?

...I not only plan my outfits in advance, but I draw them out.

My sketches at this point are little more than chicken scratches, I know, but it's just fun. I'll get better eventually. My brother made fun of me when he saw that I put "optional" beside some items--he's like, "Isn't it all optional?" Haha.

I'm at a friend's house in North Dakota for Easter weekend. It's so nice to relax a bit, with only some studying to do. My class on Thursday was canceled, and of course I took yesterday (Good Friday) off, so it's a super long weekend. It's sunny and beautiful, so I think a walk (and perhaps outfit photos) is on the agenda!

What are you doing for Easter?