Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ren fest costume!

I went to the Renaissance the second weekend of this month with my friend Sophie. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I never did get a chance to make a costume from Prince Caspian like I'd been hoping, but I improvised with what I had to make my outfit. While Sophie was at school the week before we went (I was staying with her for a mini vacation), I made this dress out of a couple twin-sized bottom sheets. I'd meant to grab the larger size topsheets, but I made do quite well.

The white chemise was extremely simple-- I make it huge and then gathered the neckline with elastic. The sleeves are also extra large, gathered at the top to fit the armhole, and gathered at the bottom with elastic. When pushed up to my elbows, it poofs out over, creating an awesome look. The skirt wasn't very full, but since it was just an underskirt, it was okay in appearances-- just annoying to the wearer. :)

The over dress was loosely based on a bodice Sophie'd purchased at the festival a few years back. I made it smaller, lengthened it for the skirt, and added only two bones, on either side of the lacing. The fit is pretty good, but I do need to correct the back. It worked perfectly for the day, though, although my footwear (black and white polkadotted converse...) was probably not appropriate. :P

Epic action shot!!
I wish we'd remembered out cameras-- and as of yet I do not have a photo of Sophie's costume, but I can describe it because it was awesome. She went as a faerie, and we made wings with coathangers, tights and ribbon using the tutorial at Threadbanger. She put her bodice over a poofy sleeved shirt (styled much like my chemise) and a tie-skirt for her underskirt. The overskirt was a cloth belt we pinned a billion scarves and fabric scraps to, making it very full and poofy. She had the best ideas for the costume, it was awesome. I'll bug her about sending me pictures, how does that sound??
I'll be posting every-day wear soon, so keep checking back!