Monday, January 17, 2011


This is just a sampling of some of the nonsense we have to put up with in northern Minnesota... ;)

photos taken by me & my father


  1. Stuff like that is always so pretty - as long as you're inside!

    I managed to slip on the front steps yesterday evening, right about when I was looking down and thinking, "I wonder if that's rainwater or i-ICE!!!!"


    "Well, damn. I guess it's ice, then," I thought.

    And then I put sand down on the front steps, and warned everyone in The Angelhouse.


  2. It makes for pretty pictures though!

  3. It looks so pretty. In Toronto, snow is currently thawing in the rain. So all we got to deal with is muddy slush. :)

    It's been a long time I have been here to see you. I'm playing catching up on posts I've missed. How've you been?

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  4. Ah, yes...hoarfrost...brings back memories of living north of the arctic circle.

  5. Janice - I agree! Oh man, I hate when that happens & you find out the hard way! D: Hope your tush isn't too bruised, falling on ice sucks.

    Hannah - Thanks! As long as you're cozy from wherever you're taking them. :)

    Chaucee - Thank you!!

    Tashrin - Ah, but at least you have warmer temperatures! We're currently sitting at -20F (which I guess is about -28C) and I don't plan on leaving my house til absolutely necessary! I left a comment for you on your coat post, but I hope you've been well! :)

    Amber - For real?? Oh my, I want to hear stories!

  6. I hate snow, it's EVIL. it is only acceptable on TV or the internet, where I can change the channel after an appropriate time of feeling sorry for the ppl enduring it. I'm sorry you are plagued with it. you should come here, we've not got below 50f yet!


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