Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Almost Over

It's a busy, joyful, exhausting, and thrilling time. And there is never enough time. I'm graduating in a couple weeks and it makes my heart thump to realize that. Where did the years go?

I made my senior collection and it has been a wild ride. I have loved (almost) every second of creating these garments with my hands. I got to do all my favorite things -- hand tailoring, knitting, embroidery, welt pockets, fussy details, pressing soft wool (and cashmere!), and hand sewing my little heart out. I also got to do new things: sewing with fur and leather, knitting intarsia, knitting bulky yarns on my machine, and bag making. Learning new techniques is just as fun as executing ones I already know!

Our fashion show is this week, Thursday and Saturday. I am so thrilled to watch my beautiful girls walk down the runway wearing what I made, but to be honest, my real joy has come from the process of designing and making these things. I wanted these clothes to capture a feeling -- to be cherish-able clothes, something loved for years, the favorite piece in your closet, something that becomes a signature. And even if it's somewhat indescribable, these clothes do that for me. I poured so much passion into making this collection, so as rewarding as the end result is, the process has been infinitely more so.