Monday, January 31, 2011

Bye, January!

Will you post more often now? Did you have fun? Was it a ridiculous idea? What do you think? I learned a few things: I need to get better at replying to comments and commenting on posts! Also, weheartit was my saving grace when I didn't have content prepared. I also realized that quality > quantity... I felt like a loser when I was posting only to meet the daily quota, instead of genuinely posting good content I was proud of. What did you learn?

Thanks for joining in this crazy plot--I sincerely loved getting to see different parts of your lives, and even when I was in lurker mode (not commenting as much), it was so enjoyable to read what you had to say!

Here's to a beautiful February.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dress Design

Oh dear. I missed a day! And I was doing so well. Well, kind of okay, that is. Truth is, I totally blanked on it until I hauled myself up into bed (which is a loft, by the way), and by then I was too exhausted to get back down, put together content, and post something. I'm a little disappointed in myself, but here's to doing better!

This isn't much to offer, but it's a little something I worked on this evening... the dress I'm making for our fashion show here at school!

Heart cutouts, full skirt, capped sleeves, pleating detail at hem and sleeves, and made out of...! I'm going to hand paint it a peachy-cream color. It's a simple design, I know, but I wanted to make something I could handle with classes and all, and I figure a good portion of the detail will be in the fabric and the coloring. I hope it comes together just as I've envisioned it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

This is a bag I made for the lovely Jessica for a Secret Santa Swap with the TB Gang. I was horribly late to make it and send it off--about a month, actually--but she got it a couple days ago so I get to post these photos. Isn't it neat, Jessica, that here this bag hung (from a moose antler...) in -10 degree weather, which you hate, and now it's sitting somewhere across the world on your sunny shores just a few days later? Airmail is awesome like that!

Aw, shoot, I don't remember the pattern I used for this. Something Simplicity. It wasn't too hard but I forgot to buy bias tape & since I live an hour from town, I made my own. Which wasn't a picnic. But it was worth it! This bag reminds me of a vintage apron a little bit. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Verdict: Textiles is the most boring thing ever, Pattern is the most amazing, crazy confusing, complicated, important & exciting thing ever.

Monday, January 24, 2011

first day back

Finally, an outfit! It was the first day of classes today, so I had to get gussied up for it. Actually, I was totally out of inspiration for outfits until I saw this look on Lookbook. I decided to recreate it the best I could, with what I had lying around. Of course, I had to add the huge scarf my friend got me from China...

scarf / gift | jacket & shirt / walmart | dress underneath / handmade | tights / urban outfitters | boots / target

Classes were alright. It's always hard to tell how things are going to go the first few days, but I think this semester will go well. My apparel classes are Textiles and Pattern Development... Pattern starts tomorrow, and I'm stoked for it! I'll keep you updated. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

9 Tools I Can't Live Without (& You Shouldn't Either!)

1. Shears

Investing in a good pair of shears will make a world of difference in your sewing life. Really, I have no idea how I used plain ol' scissors for so many years. My Ginghers were part of my graduation present from my parents, & they are kind of my best friend now. Twelve layers of corduroy to cut through using only the very tip? No problem! <3

2. Wrist Pin Cushion

Such a simple thing--but it makes sewing so much easier! I made my own using fabric scraps. Tany gave the hint of using a bit of steel wool for the stuffing, to keep your pins sharp. Brilliance! Never will I hold pins in my mouth again! Just make sure you don't try to stick pins in your wrist if you forget you're not wearing it... it's happened to me before! The Long Thread has a cute tutorial.

3. Razor Blade

It will make seam ripping more fun, I promise! Just be careful to not catch your garment fabric at all. Faster & cleaner than a seam ripper!

4. Clear Lightweight Ruler

Mine is 2x18, flexible, and SO useful. It's nice that it's bendy so that you can measure curves, it's good for cutting bias strips, and it's just generally useful to have around. Grid rulers are wonderful, but flexy, 3$ rulers kind of rule. ;)

5. Chalk Roller

This may just be personal preference, but it is so much easier to mark things, particularly straight, defined lines, with a chalk roller. Plus, they're refillable, don't need to be sharpened, & wash out easily.

6. Basting Tape

Use it to put in zippers. It will make you want to hug puppies. Enough said.

7. Tube Turner

Amazing tool. I use it to mostly pull serger tails back into the seam, but of course, it's great at doing what it is named for as well!

8. Rotary Cutter

Not just for quilters anymore! If you have bias tape to cut, layers of fabric, or anything without sharp curves, it's super fun & way quicker and very precise. Use it with a...

9. Self Healing Mat

I don't really know what these are made out of to cause them to work so well, but work they do. You don't get deep gashes or fraying plastic or anything with these boards, which also helps with precision. &, precision is everything. If you can't cut straight, your garment won't hang straight! (I guess that has more to do with grain, but still.)

So these are my favorite tools to get the job done! Do these work for you? What are your own Must Have tools?

i can only fall short for so long








Preparing for my next classes, & getting inspired!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Gonna Be Owl-Right

This is the owl dress! I tried to take photos of it while I was at home, but this is really the only one that turned out, so I'll have to re-photograph it asap!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Gone

Most of the items in my suitcase are some shade of blue.

Break is over... back to college I go. Hence, I'm a bit of a shade of blue. (Really and truly, I'm excited. It's just hard leaving and knowing the insanity I'm headed back to.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outfits for a Perfect Day

Perfect Day

Perfect Day: Jetsetter Edition

To be spent: exploring shops with a mysterious demeanor, discovering a new city, pounding pavement (and taking frequent coffee breaks at cafes to rest the feet), & speaking in a fake accent for no reason at all.

first party night?

Perfect Day: Dance Party Edition

To be spent: Walking into the room and owning the place, mingling tastefully with non-dancers until a proper beat begins to play, & convincing a couple wallflowers to come join in the dancing. Later, dancing alone in the street under soft-glowing lamps & grinning ear-to-ear.

Perfect Day: Roadtrip Edition

Perfect Day: Roadtrip Edition

To be spent: Traveling, map-less, west. Through mountains and dry, dusty deserts, stopping in almost-abandoned towns to scope them out and photograph their quirks, & cruising down empty highways with music blasting & wind whipping about.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day In Pictures

Chai tea, 7:30 AM.

Orange/strawberry/banana smoothie, 8:30 AM. (I promise this won't all be food pictures.)

Internet & make-up, 9:30 AM. I multi-task.

Choosing what to wear... I went with the black dress due to certain planned activities. 10:30 AM.

While talking with my mom & drinking more caffeine, I made a to-do list to aid in summer plans & scholarship stuff... Very important! 11:30 AM.

Major project of the day: printing Christmas cards! (Better late than never.) 12:30 PM.

Quick lunch break & some light reading... 1:30 PM.

Still printing cards! We have to do about 500 for guests, friends, and family. Basically, I barely scratched the surface. 2:30 PM.

Skiing with my mom, such a beautiful afternoon! 3:30 PM.

Hot chocolate on a stick? Yes, please. (Thanks, Giverslog!) Best way to warm up! 4:30 PM.

Finishing up this hem... yay, handsewing. 5:30 PM.

Dinner + dessert. 6:30 PM.

Movie with the parents. Despicable Me was both hilarious and adorable! We all loved it. 7:30 PM.

Still watching the movie... & wearing my moccs! 8:30 PM.

Everything else later finds me reading, editing photos, and putting this together. I hope you enjoyed this! I did, and I'm amazed I remembered to take pictures pretty much every hour. What does your day in pictures look like?