Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skirt Reconstruction & Daily Outfit

IMG_0369edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

In a Salvation Army excursion, I found a hideous polyester elastic-drop-waist floor-length dress and knew that it had potential somewhere in there! Mostly I noticed that it had pockets, and that was the main selling point for me. I never make my skirts with pockets, for some reason, and I always end up needing them.

IMG_0368.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm really pleased with how this skirt turned out! It's twirly and very fun to wear. And, um, pockets. Best invention ever.

IMG_0364.jpg picture by MateyCouture

- glasses - forever21
- cupcake necklace - E Ria Designs
- jacket - ragstock
- bamboo cowl shirt - handmade
- skirt - reconstructed
- oxfords - ebay

IMG_0361.jpg picture by MateyCouture

IMG_0363.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I wore this yesterday (before and after working in the shop, that is) for a 3-hour coffee/study session in the morning and a girls' movie night in (He's Just Not That Into You & 500 Days of Summer, if you were wondering).

Hope your weekend is pretty darn lovely!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favorites: Martotopia

rd kjole 1

Pretty much my new favorite person ever is this lovely lady, Martotopia. I found her while browsing on good ol' Lookbook, and was immediately charmed by the vintage-inspired quaint dresses she wore. When, upon further reading, I found out that she made her clothing, I was completely hooked. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like us seamstresses and DIYers have an automatic bond that spans oceans and computer screens. Clothes mean a little more if they're designed & made by the wearer, at least in my opinion.

green 3

mote bilder av marte 062 copy

pandakjolen 2

bl kjole sydd juni 2009

Click on the photos to visit her blog--it's all in Norwegian, but she has plenty of pictures--and be sure to visit her on Lookbook & lend her some love, hype, and comments... you know the drill!

Additionally, if you have comments/critiques on this new theme day thing, definitely let me know! & have a fabulous Friday evening!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Light Never Hurt Nobody

Wednesdays and Fridays are my least favorite days, clothing-wise. See, I'm taking a stage craft course which requires a certain amount of shop hours per week. I work on Wednesday & Friday, and I certainly can't do it in dresses. So I wear jeans, sneakers, and tees to class, and the moment I get back to the dorms, I switch to nicer clothes. In the last year, I realized that I really rather hate wearing jeans, and feel most comfortable in dresses and skirts. Now, I only wear jeans when I absolutely have to.

IMG_0344.jpg picture by MateyCouture

It's been ages since I wore this dress. I'm trying to move away from neutrals as we get closer to spring, and this is very definitely not a neutral.

IMG_0351.jpg picture by MateyCouture

- white button down - converse, from target
- fuchsia dress - made by me!
- necklaces & belt - gift/trade
- stockings - target
- oxfords - forever21

IMG_0354.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I was laughing because I thought it would be a good photo idea to sit in the snow, but then it turned out it was ridiculous.

So, despite having a huge exam tomorrow & a pretty intense paper at the beginning of the week, & a big project looming, it's been a good week. Particularly today, when I got a package from home with cookies, my petticoat, and my oxford stilettos. I have the best parents, & I really could not stop smiling after I opened it.

[For the curious: yes, the grammar stickler inside me is cringing at the title. But one must make exceptions for Jason Mraz!]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday: Yellow Dresses

Welcome to the first Inspiration Wednesday! Sit down, stay a while, make conversation!

So, I've been indulging myself lately. It's frigid outside today with a biting wind, but I feel like spring is just around the corner because I've spent the last few days poking around the internet to find the perfect sundress.

In my mind, the perfect sundress can be worn to both a picnic and a cocktail party. It can be thrown on with water-and-wind-tousled hair and make you look absolutely delightful. It could be styled with flats and a cardigan for church, or heels and a bolero for a summer evening wedding. It needs to be airy and romantic, flirty and chic. A lot for a dress to live up to, I agree--but not impossible!

Right now, I am firmly on a yellow kick. Maybe it's a hidden (or not so hidden) adoration for the Morton Salt Girl, but I have my heart set on a yellow dress for the coming season. I haven't decided what style to make it in, but here are my top three picks from scouring the web.

Rebecca, from The Clothes Horse, is always a style inspiration. I'm very much in love with this dress. The simplistic style, sweet silhouette, and cheery shade all come together perfectly!

This is a fantastic dress. You can't pass up a good shirt dress! I love the casual way it's styled, and oh my goodness, who doesn't want to run through a field like that?!


This is another impeccable dress. The lacy detailing on the skirt and the capped sleeves are so, so sweet.

What is your must-have item for spring/summer 2010? What do you think makes up the ideal sundress? (These questions which haunt us!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby, Could You Blow My Heart Up?

IMG_0331.jpg picture by MateyCouture

Hello, hello! I am wearing only purple & black today. I got some fun looks when I was out & about, perhaps it was the heels? People usually choose the (more sensible) option of boots around here, but I am not sensible. I am very much into the ridiculous.

IMG_0332.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I bought this dress at Kohl's a while ago, but haven't worn it much lately. It takes more confidence for me to wear something with a straight skirt--I can manipulate my silhouette much more efficiently in a poofy skirt, or at least in something that flares out. But I'm running low on wardrobe choices (and definitely need to do laundry), and it was warmer out today, so I figured I'd give it a go.

I'm not sure how I feel about the tights + dress color pairing, but other than that, I like this outfit. &, yes, I'm obsessed with these shoes, how did you guess?

IMG_0333.jpg picture by MateyCouture

IMG_0342.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm wearing:

- necklace - DazeOfTheWeek
- jacket - ragstock
- dress - kohl's
- tights - kohl's
- oxfords - forever21

IMG_0341.jpg picture by MateyCouture

IMG_0330.jpg picture by MateyCouture

You know how I said I'd be making some improvements around here? Yes, well, one of those things is to have Theme Days! I'm planning on Inspiration Wednesday (favorite lookbook/chictopia outfits; pretty pictures; inspiring clothing from TB & Craftster; Polyvore sets; & fabulous quotes) and Friday Favorites (blog & shop features; fabulous tutorials; the newest thing I'm gushing about). I'm really excited about sticking to a regular posting schedule, and sharing a bunch of my favorite people & things with you guys. I'll also be making some layout changes (and adding a banner!), so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I'd stick around & say more, but it's going to be a late night: plays to read & papers to write!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Outfit + Awards!

This is kind of an ineffective outfit photo, but it's all I've got:

IMG_0310.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm agreeing with what Jessica said last time about this skirt being too busy with these tights, but I needed a way to darken the tights to make them work with my shirt better. Anyway, I'm wearing:

- Sweatshirt - traded with a friend, have had it forever
- "Liberty" tee - threadless, resized
- Skirt - Vintage
- Tights - Target
& you can't see, but I'm also wearing my oxfords from Forever21.

On to business: I was generously given these two awards from DorkVader & Anna, respectively. One came with a questionnaire thing.

Here are The Rules: Answer the following questions with single word answers. Then pass it along to 5 other bloggers, being sure to let them know!

Your Cell Phone? Addictive
Your Hair? Uncooperative
Your Mother? Amazing
Your Father? Brilliant
Your Favorite Food? Pizza (Two more words for ya: Breadoven & handmade. Yes.)
Your Dream Last Night? Absent (As in, I have no idea.)
Your Favorite Drink? Water
Your Dream/Goal? Fashion!
What Room Are You In? Dorm.
Your Hobby? Sewing. (Obviously. But maybe I shouldn't classify that as just a hobby?)
Your Fear? Blindness. (I have nightmares about going blind.)
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Independent. (Also: Married, successful, and doing what I love.)
Where Were You Last Night? Brother's.
Something That You Aren't? Witty.
Muffins? Please!
Wish List Item? DSLR. (Magic photography skills would be ace, too.)
Where Did You Grow Up? I have to use three words for this: BEST PLACE EVER.
Last Thing You Did? Homework
What Are You Wearing? Clothes
Your TV? Non-existant.
Your Pets? Nada.
Friends? Fabulous.
Your Life? Adventure.
Your Mood? Sleepy
Missing Someone? Absolutely.
Vehicle? Hah!
Something You Aren't Wearing? socks
Your Favorite Store? Modcloth.
Your Favorite Color? Bluuue.
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? (this) afternoon
Last Time You Cried? idk.
Your Best Friend? Magical.
Facebook? Unfortunately.
Favorite Place To Eat? Home. (That is, not food service.)

Now, the lovely folks I'd like to pass this onto are:

Dare To Design
Lady Jane Writer
This Ain't Rocket Science, It's Food
Un Chic Petit

Now I'm off to finish reading Hamlet. Have a good evening! <3

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Was in the Spring...

IMG_0291edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

This is actually one of my most favorite things to wear ever. I've worn this outfit a couple times in the last few weeks and I only got around to taking photos this afternoon. It was so, so beautiful out today: sunny and warm with melting snow all over the sidewalks! (How strange it is for me to live in a place with sidewalks!) I'm hoping spring is right around the corner, but knowing Minnesota, we've got at least another month, probably more.

IMG_0289edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I got a podcast on how to improve your blog, & sat down this afternoon to make a huge list of ideas. Stay tuned, there will be all kinds of fabulous changes going on here. I'm also sketching out oodles of ideas for my summer collection, and getting super amped about it all!

IMG_0293edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

- Tee - American Apparel
- Dress - Handmade from sheet
- Tights - Target
- Boots - Forever21

IMG_0287_picnik.jpg picture by MateyCouture

Who else is getting ridiculously excited for spring?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waiting on the Sunshine

I received my package from Forever21 yesterday! [insert loud squeal of glee here.] I ordered these shoes and glasses and am terribly in love with all of it! The shoes are comfortable and wonderfully vintage-inspired, and the glasses... I just feel like the glasses are a perfect way to put on a bit of a disguise. It's fun.

IMG_0261.jpg picture by MateyCouture

So I finally made it to the thrift store to get some new clothes, and came across this fabulous blouse & skirt. The skirt was about ankle length, so this afternoon I shortened and hemmed it, and now I have a totally new outfit! I don't have many yellow garments, either, so this shirt is going to be fun to work with. Eventually, when it gets warm, I'll be able to match it with my favorite yellow shoes!

IMG_0263.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm wearing:

- glasses - forever21
- blouse - thrifted
- skirt - vintage, shortened
- floral fishnets - target
- oxfords - forever21

This outfit is very "Librarian Chic," I think.

IMG_0259.jpg picture by MateyCouture

Today was a swell day. I slept in, went to the antique store, walked in the lightly falling snow & bought munchies for cheap.

Now we're going to watch a horror movie! Have a good night, darlings.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up on the Balcony

This is pretty similar to an outfit I posted about a month ago, but I finally got my act together & grabbed a buddy to help me with photographs, and I didn't feel like changing into something totally new. Ah, laziness. Such a terrible trait to have.

We have this terrific balcony right off of our lounge, & it's such a cool place for photos! I love all these new spots to pose in.

IMG_0251.jpg picture by MateyCouture

IMG_0247.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm wearing:

- necklace :
- jacket : ragstock
- dress : made from a sheet
- belt : made from scrap corduroy
- tights : we love colors + target
- shoes : some store in some mall. but they're actually really great quality & have lasted me for ages!

IMG_0253.jpg picture by MateyCouture

It was actually really hard to balance on the railing here. I was laughing, which didn't help. Did I mention I'm on the 4th floor?

IMG_0234.jpg picture by MateyCouture

& then this one just makes me laugh a lot... the railing was really cold & a little wet & I was exclaiming about it.

I haven't worn my hair up in so long, so it was really fun to put it up like this today. It's all fancy & pinned & there are curly tendrils & I'm super excited about it. If you couldn't tell.



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This is an incomplete list & I'll be adding to it as I discover/am alerted to new, fabulous blogs & people. Want to exchange links? Drop me a line:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Pink Petticoat Kind of Day

Do you have a piece of clothing or an accessory that just picks you up? A pair of shoes that lifts your mood every time you slip them on?

I do. And I was silly enough to not bring it with me. (It's funny that I miss the two of the most ridiculous & impractical pieces of my wardrobe: my petticoat & my oxford stilettos.) My pink tutu just makes things better magically--seeing it makes me smile, wearing it makes me feel better, and getting people's reactions is always fabulous. It usually makes other people smile, or laugh, or just shake their heads, but however they respond, it's kind of nice to brighten places up & have people take things a little less seriously for a moment.

So today, for various reasons, a pink petticoat would've really come in handy. Instead I wore pretty much the opposite--a grey wool skirt--and that definitely reflects how things went.

But that's one of the things I love most about fashion: the way it can really change how you feel. It has the power to transform you. A girl can put on a fabulous dress and it can give her that little boost of confidence she needs. It changes people's impressions of you and can alter your perspective of yourself. In an ideal world, we'd have these things figured out in ourselves already, but for now, it's nice to have a helping hand sometimes.

Or maybe this is just nonsense from a sleepy teenage girl. But, your thoughts?

Friday, February 5, 2010

So... I vlogged.

I'm an awkward person, & therefore should not be around video cameras. Or webcams. Whatever.

In other news, I totally meant to have the skirt tutorial video done about a week ago but it never happened. I feel like I lied to everyone. I hope you guys understand & will bear with me... I will finish editing it & post it eventually!

Today is about making it through classes (not falling asleep), & going thrifting. What's on your agenda for the weekend?