Thursday, January 6, 2011

try to imagine a careless life

Somehow, the majority of the photos I took today were out of focus. I hate when I'm lazy & just assume that autofocus is doing its job... and then I get inside to edit them, & it clearly wasn't. Now, it's too dim out to re-take them, so here is what I salvaged.

cardigan / american eagle | dress / handmade | tights / f21 | boots / target

I finally permanently sewed the skirt of this dress into a bubble--and now I am much more apt to wear it. It's so comfy!

I spent my day working on custom orders, writing, and plotting out designs. Tonight, I'll probably sew... finally! It's been too long. I want to make some tutorials this month, so we'll see how that goes. It's pretty chilly out, so all I feel like doing is staying inside. Unfortunate, because I should be out and about, skiing & such while I can!


  1. LOVELOVE the dress.
    and i like the out of focus-ness, it gives the pictures a different mood and it definitely works for the scene:)

  2. you look cute, but, just so you know, there's all that evil white stuff around you! you should have more cloths on!

  3. Yes, I love the dress as well, is that a cotton knit???

  4. That dress is gorgeous!

    I'm so jealous of all of your snow...

  5. I adore the dress as well - what's the fabric on the top? A knit lace?

  6. Love that dress!

    I agree with Hannah, the out-of-focus-ness adds to the look of the photos.

  7. Love love your! I would love to see tutorials from you. I've seen some on your youtube and they are awesome

  8. Love the outfit and pictures. And all the posts lately! Wish I had time to comment on all of them. I'm hoping to sit down with some major blogging before school starts... I missed your posts over the fall! Glad you're back. :)

  9. Gosh, that dress is gorgeous! You're amazing.

  10. Hannah - Aw, thank you, dear!

    Jessica - Haha, it's only evil starting February! (Just don't start telling me about Japan's weather, k? I might change my mind.)

    Trashy Betty - Thanks! It's actually a rayon/lycra knit, so it's super soft & has tons of stretch.

    Todd - Thank you! Sending wishes for snow out your way.

    Janice - Thanks, doll! Yeah, it's a stretchy synthetic lace that was on sale a couple years ago.. $3/yd! I bought way too much & am still trying to find ways to use it up.

    Sonja - Thank you, dear!

    Amber - You're too kind! Thank you!

    Ruth - :D Thanks, dear! I'll work hard to get some done this month. If you have requests, let me know!

    Hannah - Thank you!! Oh, no worries about commenting, I know how life goes! I've been rotten about following/commenting blogs lately.. it gets hard when life gets busy! I hope school is going well for you & isn't too crazy!

    Lauren - Aw, shucks. Thanks, cutie!


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