Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day In Pictures

Chai tea, 7:30 AM.

Orange/strawberry/banana smoothie, 8:30 AM. (I promise this won't all be food pictures.)

Internet & make-up, 9:30 AM. I multi-task.

Choosing what to wear... I went with the black dress due to certain planned activities. 10:30 AM.

While talking with my mom & drinking more caffeine, I made a to-do list to aid in summer plans & scholarship stuff... Very important! 11:30 AM.

Major project of the day: printing Christmas cards! (Better late than never.) 12:30 PM.

Quick lunch break & some light reading... 1:30 PM.

Still printing cards! We have to do about 500 for guests, friends, and family. Basically, I barely scratched the surface. 2:30 PM.

Skiing with my mom, such a beautiful afternoon! 3:30 PM.

Hot chocolate on a stick? Yes, please. (Thanks, Giverslog!) Best way to warm up! 4:30 PM.

Finishing up this hem... yay, handsewing. 5:30 PM.

Dinner + dessert. 6:30 PM.

Movie with the parents. Despicable Me was both hilarious and adorable! We all loved it. 7:30 PM.

Still watching the movie... & wearing my moccs! 8:30 PM.

Everything else later finds me reading, editing photos, and putting this together. I hope you enjoyed this! I did, and I'm amazed I remembered to take pictures pretty much every hour. What does your day in pictures look like?


  1. I like this idea. I'll try it tomorrow.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your day, it looked like a lot of fun, not to mention delicious.

  3. What a great day! Despicable Me WAS hilarious. I made my boyfriend and his roommate watch it with me and even they loved it. Cute movie. :)
    This is an awesome idea. Sometime soon, I should try it too. Maybe this weekend. Love seeing all your posts, Addie, they really brighten my day.

  4. the 4th pic was a lil disappointing (for an up-skirt-shot) LOL

    and there's NO WAY I'd ever remember to take all those pics (or post them all)

  5. i likie the Moose cards addie, nice!!

  6. That is one heck of a day! Your cards looks lovely! I miss printmaking...I got to do some in my high school art class and loved it.


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