Monday, January 3, 2011

Recap: Part 3

I was a really bad blogger in the fall. School overwhelmed my life... you guys know the story. So there isn't much that I put on the blog that I can recap on, but there are some things I haven't told you!

For example... the time I stayed up til 3am working on my muslin sample book... I started falling asleep on my computer so I decided I'd wake up at 7:30, print my mounting pages off and put it together before the 10:10 class. I didn't wake up til 9:30, and even though I scrambled to get the book together, I was an hour late to my 2 1/2 hour long class. After some apologies and extra credit, things turned out perfectly okay, but I thought for a while that I was going to lose all credit for the project--and there were definitely some tears involved with that.

Or the time I got a great grade on my research paper & my English professor told me he wanted me to submit it to my school's undergrad research paper (that was a good day, and yes, I'm going to follow through with that)... or when my friend gave me highlighter tattoos of owls and hearts (perfect combination!) under blacklights at some odd hour of the night... or the time my friend Tommy & I decided we'd find a shortcut home from church, and there ended up being this 6' chain-link fence... and I was in a dress, and heels, of course. (You'd better believe I climbed it!)

2010 was big and grand, with so many changes. I had a lot of ups and downs, but I did things I'm proud of & made choices I'm happy with. I learned SO much, am much more independent, and feel more confident than I ever have before.

Enough with the recapping! Let's get on with the new year. It's going to be magnificent, I can tell. This year, I'm making choices that are right for me. I'm going to be spontaneous and I'm going to kick my procrastination habit in the bum (for real!). I'm also going to blog... a lot more! Thought you were rid of me this fall, didn't you? Think again! Haha. I'm starting a challenge with a few friends of mine where we blog every day of January & comment on each other's posts. Care to join in? Leave a comment & a link to your blog & I'll swing by every day to check out your posts!

So, bring on the goodness, 2011!


  1. Oh I'd love to join in to that January thing sounds great! =) Your escapades sound wonderfully fun, wish you had a picture of you climbing that chain fence in heals!

  2. You hit a slump too, huh? Don't worry, I was similarly wracked with guilt. :)

    Looking forward to sharing the challenge!

  3. first comment, I wish there were pics o the highlighter tattoo!

  4. well wasn't the first comment, guess my window was open too long, and 2 others snuck in before me!

  5. Ruth - So glad you're joining in! Haha, Tommy tried to take a photo but I squealed and asked him not to--and then I made him turn around because I knew my skirt would fly up when I jumped down. He obliged like a gentleman!

    Sonja - It sure does get hard when there's that much more on your priority list!

    Jessica - Haha, there are... on my phone, I think. I can't move the file without cellphone reception, but when I can get the pictures, I'll show you. ;)


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