Sunday, October 6, 2013


I think I'm finally getting the whole college thing down pat. Maybe I'm just feeling self-satisfied for finishing a project an entire day ahead AND cleaning the house to boot. I also made bread and did laundry. I'll chalk today up as a victory!

A lot of my weekends are not victories, struggling against the ever-looming mass of homework whilst fighting the heavy desire to take a break (or lots of breaks). I have the worst case of senioritis, and as always, an inclination to complain. What an awful habit! But this weekend, I had fun and worked hard and it makes going into my week much easier. Being massively productive is my favorite!

My most recent project for Portfolio was to re-do a past technical project. I chose my knits pages. Above are a couple of my favorite shots from a photoshoot with a friend, and at the top is my cover page for the project. I did the drawings in Illustrator and filled them in Photoshop.

I hope I look back on this time in my life with plenty of fondness. Even if I'm mentally done with school, and even if I get stressed out too often, it's pretty amazing that this is my homework. I'm fairly lucky!