Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fur & Pocket

I bought this dress back in October at this crazy little thrift store. The lady who runs it has wild hair and is always holding her ratty little dog. She sits in the middle of the clutter, watching videos on her computer and mending clothes. She rings purchases up in this huge old cash register, but stores all money in a little embroidered pouch stuffed under her chair. There's a big sign at the door proclaiming, "No backpacks! No large groups of college students!" Haha, it's nuts. But there are some amazing finds amid the piles of junk, and prices are pretty spiffy.

The first thing I noticed about this dress--obviously--was the pocket. Isn't it fantastic? It has these snaps on it so that a little doll (which I took off) can snap onto the pocket. That was a little too weird for me, but I love the wild pocket on an otherwise simple, rustic-like dress. Besides, look at the size of the pocket! It can hold books! Yes, that's plural. It eliminates the need to carry around a shopping bag or a purse! Fantastic.

The hat was a gift from my grandma a couple years back. I never really wore it because I didn't think I could rock it... but I think I can now. Besides, it's super cozy! Perfect for today. It was so cold that I didn't want to bother setting up the tripod only to experience the pain I had yesterday after freezing, so my dad helped me out & snapped these photos for me. It was so much quicker!

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  1. that last picture of you is super cute. I love the dress, and the pocket is wild. I would have bought it also, had I been lucky enough to spy it first. I wonder if it is handmade? Or part of a line? Its wonderful and you do look so cold! Part of the art is standing in the cold, eh?

  2. That dress is woven of 100% Genuine Amazingness Fiber.

  3. gorgeous. at first, i thought the title of the post was "fun pocket" which made me giggle inside because back in middle school, that's what we'd call those random little pockets they put in jeans and polo shirts that the only real logical use for is to store certain forms of protection. (we were so mature)

    ANYWAY, love the look :) you're stunning.

  4. super cute! and that pocket is awesome! as is the hat!

  5. You are so darling! I love the pairing of that hat with that dress. And you know what that'd pocket'd be good for? An iPad. We're gonna have more pockets like that or more man-purses soon, I'm tellin' ya.
    Anyways, you're eyes are gorgeous.

  6. These photos are so cute and fun. I love the hat you're wearing!


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