Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outfits for a Perfect Day

Perfect Day

Perfect Day: Jetsetter Edition

To be spent: exploring shops with a mysterious demeanor, discovering a new city, pounding pavement (and taking frequent coffee breaks at cafes to rest the feet), & speaking in a fake accent for no reason at all.

first party night?

Perfect Day: Dance Party Edition

To be spent: Walking into the room and owning the place, mingling tastefully with non-dancers until a proper beat begins to play, & convincing a couple wallflowers to come join in the dancing. Later, dancing alone in the street under soft-glowing lamps & grinning ear-to-ear.

Perfect Day: Roadtrip Edition

Perfect Day: Roadtrip Edition

To be spent: Traveling, map-less, west. Through mountains and dry, dusty deserts, stopping in almost-abandoned towns to scope them out and photograph their quirks, & cruising down empty highways with music blasting & wind whipping about.


  1. Polyvore? I love the dress in Look #1.

  2. The boots from look #1 are awesome! I would totally rock those :D

  3. I love the shoes...the shoes....

    hey sweety, on the sunday blog, i cant comment ..weird huh?


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