Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Space Hoodie

I was able to make a brief stop at the fabric store on my way home from visiting my 1st choice college, and I picked up this super soft, light fleece. It's so perfect for hoodies & sweatshirts! So I made this sweatshirt, giving it an immense cowl that can be a hood, and a cute little side pocket.

Of course I had to line the cowl in some of this amazing bamboo, and I love how it adds a splash of color! It's a little tight on me... which is very lucky for you, because I wouldn't want to sell it, otherwise! It's currently listed, if you're interested.

However, my shop will be going into Vacation Mode for the next week & a half, as I'm going to be out of town, away from my stock.

A quick update on my life, for the curious: I took the ACT (& it was awful, but I think I did alright--thank you all for the well wishes!), adored the college I went to visit (their fashion program sounds awesome!), & have basically just been busy with studying and college applications. Oh, and a super exciting and secret project you'll hear about in a few days!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where is she??

I've become a bit addicted to blogging recently, as you might have noticed. I love you guys for commenting or even just looking--you make me squee with delight. But I'm in a mad rush of studying for the ACT, getting college applications done & sent, and sudden, new, exciting business & promotional opportunities (! I'll tell you about it when I know more! <3),

...hiding. by you.

And yes, I do think I'm clever, thankyouverymuch. I got the shirt for a dollar & I knew it would make the perfect 'Where's Waldo' costume when paired with these geek glasses. You have been seeing quite a bit of them recently--no, I don't actually wear glasses, but these frames are a fabulous prop!

Wish me luck & hope I don't stress or panic too much! xo.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vines Entwining and Blossoming

I suppose this shirt is definitely better suited to spring than fall, but it's so beautiful that I can't wait the many months for warm to list & post it! I am currently absolutely infatuated with bamboo/lycra knit (heavenly fabric, I promise!), and used my beautiful olive colored bamboo for this one-shoulder top. It has a comfortable fit & cut, and of course, bamboo is like silk on the skin. Criss-crossing vines and purple lace blossoms are painstakingly hand sewn from the side pocket up across the neckline to the pleated shoulder. I think it's a terribly romantic shirt, a work of art, and wearable any time of the year!

Blossoms and Vines // One Shoulder Top // Womens Medium

Blossoms and Vines // One Shoulder Top // Womens Medium

Blossoms and Vines // One Shoulder Top // Womens Medium

Blossoms and Vines // One Shoulder Top // Womens Medium

Blossoms and Vines // One Shoulder Top // Womens Medium

(It's for sale! Here: www.mateycouture.etsy.com)

In other news, I just finished watching Marie Antoinette for the second time. (I originally saw it when it first came out, so, several years ago!) If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it; if not for the story, see it for the colors, the costumes, the aesthetics, the lighting, & the cakes. It's truly candy for the eyes! My plan for our New Year's Feast is to cover the dessert table (as I'm in charge of dessert!) in decadent cakes & goodies just like the ones in the movie. Maybe I'll even tease my hair up to high heavens and put a ship in it. Hey, it could happen! Why wasn't my 18th birthday nearly as spectacular as the one in the movie? Ah, maybe being a queen helps. Anyway, check out the movie and drool over it as much as you like.

Also, I might have opportunity to film a tutorial or two--definitely a long-promised one for the ruffle-bust shirt reconstruction, perhaps one more. I'll keep you updated, my darlings!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey, Sailor!

I spent my afternoon making this skirt. I was terribly meticulous with it--I told my mom later, "I sewed like you do," because I ironed everything after every seam, did facings, and even learned to do a blind hem. I love learning things which make my life easier! And I really, really love how it looks. I haven't pleated a skirt since this pink monstrosity, and if you've been reading a while, you probably know that my skirt of choice is a circle, or a circle turned into a bubble. But I like how this turned out!

High Waisted Sailor Skirt  //  Vintage Inspired  //  Small/Medium

High Waisted Sailor Skirt  //  Vintage Inspired  //  Small/Medium

High Waisted Sailor Skirt  //  Vintage Inspired  //  Small/Medium

High Waisted Sailor Skirt  //  Vintage Inspired  //  Small/Medium

High Waisted Sailor Skirt  //  Vintage Inspired  //  Small/Medium

The fabric has such a pretty sheen to it. And it matches my shoes perfectly!

(It's for sale! Here: www.mateycouture.etsy.com)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tattered Bamboo Shirt

Tattered Bamboo Shirt (Reserved for AdrianneMae)

Tattered Bamboo Shirt (Reserved for AdrianneMae)

IMG_0628 by you.

IMG_0619 by you.

Handmade with ingredients found in the depths of antique stores, burned down, abandoned houses, and handed-down notions.

Luxurious bamboo knit.

Meant for secret trips through forests & walks to creeks at midnight.

(DazeoftheWeek and AdrianneMae are both connected to this shirt in otherworldly ways. Well, not otherworldly. But check 'em out.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

From Oops to Awesome

I am finally working my way through my huge stack of Threadless shirts (in early anticipation of their $5 Holiday Sale in December. ^_^), and I was excited to have finally figured out what to do with their adorable "My Crony" design. I was getting to the end of it and everything was working perfectly when I tried it on to check the fit. I looked in the mirror, and realized that I had made an awful, hilarious, and glaring mistake. See:

SAD BEANS by you.

Obviously, having a huge circle printed on the stomach is not a selling point. I found my problem hilarious because the design would've worked with most other shirts, but I just had to choose the one that would fail.

I asked my online buddies for help & suggestions, and then, while lying in bed unable to sleep, it came to me. I'd put in a side pocket, shift the print over, and although there'd be a seam in front, it would have an obvious purpose.

It worked out much better than the original design would have, I thought. It adds a lot more interest, and the print looks fabulous when it's all shifted.

WHEW by you.

Sleepy owls = luff by you.

Forgive the less-than-stellar photos! I'll be taking nice pictures and listing this within the next few days.

(Edit: New pictures!)

I see you. by you.

IMG_0766 by you.

For sale here: www.mateycouture.etsy.com :)

Awesome! Don't you think?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Recon!

Well, old recon, but I'm finally getting around to posting it. This is for the TBGuild's "White" themed treasury. I used a Threadless "Let's Go Parasoling!" tee which I had on my shelf since December, and mint green trim that I searched for long and hard because I wanted the perfect color to match the umbrellas on the shirt. It's got a deep scoop in back & cute little ties. There are tabs at each side with little white buttons. It's super cute and chic. <3

When I saw that the lake was steaming yesterday morning, I knew I had to go photograph some clothes. But, you know, it was steaming because it was about 25 degrees out. Brrr. It was worth it!

Psst, it's available here: www.mateycouture.etsy.com