Monday, June 23, 2014

Senior Collection: Belarus

I finally can share with you my senior collection, Belarus! I will do separate posts to go into detail on all these garments, but I'd like to share the group shots today.

Here you can see the breakdown, piece by piece, of the collection, along with the materials used.

All photos were taken by my brilliant photographer, Ben Hutchins. My insanely fun models, as pictured in the above photo, were Ashley Springstroh, Cassie Sue, Abby Lund, and Magdalena Skalsky. The photoshoot was one of the best days ever -- finally seeing my hard work come together and having the girls all together was magnificent. I'm itching to get back to sewing and knitting, looking at these photos! Thanks for letting me share my collection!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Almost Over

It's a busy, joyful, exhausting, and thrilling time. And there is never enough time. I'm graduating in a couple weeks and it makes my heart thump to realize that. Where did the years go?

I made my senior collection and it has been a wild ride. I have loved (almost) every second of creating these garments with my hands. I got to do all my favorite things -- hand tailoring, knitting, embroidery, welt pockets, fussy details, pressing soft wool (and cashmere!), and hand sewing my little heart out. I also got to do new things: sewing with fur and leather, knitting intarsia, knitting bulky yarns on my machine, and bag making. Learning new techniques is just as fun as executing ones I already know!

Our fashion show is this week, Thursday and Saturday. I am so thrilled to watch my beautiful girls walk down the runway wearing what I made, but to be honest, my real joy has come from the process of designing and making these things. I wanted these clothes to capture a feeling -- to be cherish-able clothes, something loved for years, the favorite piece in your closet, something that becomes a signature. And even if it's somewhat indescribable, these clothes do that for me. I poured so much passion into making this collection, so as rewarding as the end result is, the process has been infinitely more so.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Finished Sweaters

I'm back at school... and, one day in, I'm already exhausted! It feels like it's been weeks! I know this semester -- my LAST semester! -- is going to fly by. Could it just, um, start flying a little faster? I'm conflicted in that I'm looking forward to my classes this semester, but also looking forward to them being done. And my senior fashion show. And graduation. And the trip to Europe I'm taking with my brother. So many exciting things to do (and to wait for!). 

A week ago, I was deeply entrenched in cleaning my room. I'll spare you the details, as well as the before photos. (And, apparently, I'll spare you the after photos too, for a little bit longer! I'll write up a new post about my studio space soon.) However, my mom came to help, and it took us over a day to clean out, pack up, and reorganize my little apartment bedroom into a functioning, clean studio space to work in. And boy, was it worth it. Above, you can see some of the materials I'm using for my collection! It's so inspiring to work in this clean, bright space. I can feel the creativity flowing!

Speaking of! I finished three sweaters over break. I was hoping to get at least four done, but I'm still really happy with the amount I finished. It puts me that much further ahead for the semester! As of right now, I'm planning to make 13 garments: seven sweater knit garments, three coats, two pairs of trousers, and one blouse. Having three done is going to help me keep my sanity! I found the process of knitting them over break to be so enjoyable. Honestly, it was some of the most fun I'd had in a long time. Is that silly? It felt great to be productive and get lots done, and it was so pleasant to sit and knit without any sources of stress.

I'll show photos on my models once all my garments are complete, but in the meantime, here are some flat shots of the finished sweaters. The intarsia turned out great! I'm so stoked about it!

Mostly successfully matched up the triangles on the side seams. Good 'nuff!

Everything in the yarn looks so luscious. I'm really happy with this one, and how very classic it turned out! I did have to re-do the neckband last night. I seam things really tightly, which had eliminated all of the stretch. It actually fits over heads now, while still maintaining a tight crew style!

I don't think I even posted about this sweater at all! After the intarsia took me two weeks, this felt like a breeze to whip up in five days. It's a shawl collar cardigan with a saddle shoulder and some pretty terrific shaping. I also did a cool feathery stitch on the sleeves that I am pretty excited about!

Here you can see I did the back in panels to create a little bit of a flounce. It was so cool to see it actually turn out as I had envisioned it!

I have only done strictly set-in sleeves before this, so I was unsure as to how the saddle shoulder would turn out. It went pretty okay, and I love the extra detail! I read that this style is used more in menswear, but the lacy stitch adds more of a feminine touch to this sweater.

How delicious is this stitch pattern, seriously?

So that was my break! Now, I have to catch up on reading textbooks!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Design Project: Coats and Sweaters

Well I am doing excellently at this blogging challenge thing! (Oops.) Honestly, I'd rather blog when I have something to actually write about, which I just don't have every day. But I do today, go me! 

This was part of my final portfolio project. It is the lead-in to my senior collection, which you have already seen bits and pieces of. For the most part, I wanted to get the aesthetic down before I worried about specific details on garments. I started out with a ton of hand-sketched croquis, with lots and lots of ideas. However, my sketches just did not seem as sophisticated as my digital drawings, so I re-did them on the computer, and I'm so glad I did. I love the result!

As I mentioned, the my personal goal was to get put a finger on the aesthetic I wanted. I was going for an old world feel, with timeless fabrics (wool, cashmere, tweeds, silk, cabling), intense detail, and some luxury. The kind of garment someone would wear apres-ski, in Aspen or the Alps. Kind of Sundance catalog/Gorsuch feel. Wait til you see my fabric -- I'm certainly inching into that price point, if nothing else!

I've ended up going a different direction with some pieces (for example, the jacquard sweater is now the fairisle sweater), but I definitely expected things to change. I am planning to do two or three coats, and as crazy as it sounds, I actually can't wait to begin slaving over them. There's just something about tailoring and fine wool that gives me butterflies!

Oh, I wanted to mention, I've become more active recently on Ravelry-land. Let's be friends, I love stalking projects! My username is AddieMarie :)

Finally, can we please have some LOLZ about how far I've come in my fashion illustration skills? More laughs here!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Intarsia Triangles WIP - Part 2!

It's slow(ish) going on the intarsia sweater front. The truth is, knitting it isn't so bad, but knitting combined with all the other steps is what kills. See: making charts. Weaving in ends. Fixing mistakes (duplicate stitch embroidery, shhh). But it is SO gratifying to see a pattern come to life like this!

This is the front panel. It is going to be a hi-lo design, pretty cropped in front, with a scoop neck. I had not done a shaped hem before, so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out--but it does bother me that I didn't shape it with the ribbing on the bottom. I now have to rehang it or seam the rib band on, which just won't look as clean. Maybe in the future I'll be daring enough to try it, but I wasn't even sure how the shaping would turn out here, so I decided to play it safe. 

These aren't totally true-to-color images, at least not with the blue. It's more of a teal (Knitpicks Marine Heather, Palette wool yarn), which matches my aran sweater a bit better. It is just so darn exciting to watch this come off the needles bit by bit!


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