Monday, June 29, 2009

Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

small3 by you.

I had the fabulous opportunity to put a couple items in a show at a local art gallery. I chose to put my previously posted Cross My Heart vest, and had originally planned to make a scrappy skirt as well.

Being me, I left it off until the last weekend before the show. I started making a skirt, and I really didn't like where it was going. Distraught, I brought it before my mom, and together we brainstormed new ideas for it. I decided to make a dress, using a lovely bird print chiffon I'd had on hand for months. The only thing I had originally planned on was that it would be scrappy, and it would be blue & pink--candy colors. I sketched out a design.

As these things tend to, once I began to sew it, it drifted even further from the design. I wanted it airy, fluffy, over-the-top and wonderfully ridiculous. I wanted the scraps to be eating up the dress and taking over, a conversion from formal to madness. I won't bore you with too many details, but a few bobbins worth of thread, singed fingers from melting chiffon edges, a couple more discussions with my mom, and four layers of skirt later, I had myself a dress.

It's a magical thing, to get so excited about something you're making that your heart starts beating faster. :) I named this the "Let Them Eat Cupcakes!" dress because its color scheme and fantastic craziness reminded me of the clothing (and hair!) of Marie Antoinette's time.

So once the dress was totally completed, I needed it properly photographed! I teased my hair up high, stuck some flowers in it, did my makeup all fancy-like, and got my dad to use his fancy camera to take some pictures.

I went to the show opening on Friday, and it was on display amidst a bunch of amazing treasures handcrafted by others. (If you know me, message me for details on the gallery! You must go see everything!) People were incredibly and wonderfully sweet, and the whole night was absolutely fantastic.

Hugs and kisses! <3

Friday, June 26, 2009

Featured Artist: MissMabe

Today I am proudly blogging about a beautiful, talented fellow TBGuild member, MissMabe. She rocks a style that is somewhat punk inspired, but quite definitely her own. She skillfully makes clothing and accessories. A newer member of the guild, she has jumped right into the activities, which I love. It's an absolute delight to have such a talented, lovely lady working with us on the team!!

Some of my favorite things in her shop are her skirts, and especially these two:

Polka Dot Pencil Skirt
(Gasp! Shoe love!)

Casualties Plaid Mini

Please, visit her shop HERE (or click on the pictures!).

& as always, you can find out more on the TBGuild here,
and find all our shops at our Etsy profile.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wrap Skirt

This is a rather old project, but since I don't have photos of anything knew, I figured I would post it here for you! I made this skirt for my darling friend Dana, who lives in Alaska. She's one of the sweetest people I know, and I felt that this skirt fit her personality and style quite well!

It's made from the softest rayon, which has an impeccable drape. I love the pairing of the solid with the polka-dots. It's a two-layer adjustable wrap, with the polka dot layer peeking out on the bottom. It's made from circles, so it twirls marvelously!

Here is my (absolutely beautiful) friend modeling:

Danainherbeautifulskirt.jpg picture by Addikins

Ichangedthelightingonthissoitkindal.jpg picture by Addikins

Heh, you can even see the frozen Alaska wilderness outside the window! Of course, these were taken last January, and it hardly looks like that anymore.

I love this style in a skirt, because they're extremely flattering, comfortable, and wonderfully adjustable!

Happy Birthday, Dana!! I hope you have an amazing year...filled with plenty of visits to Minnesota. :) Love you!