Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A sheet dress

So a few weeks back (or longer, haha), I posted a medieval style dress I'd made out of sheets. Normal clothes, too, can be made out of sheets too, as you will see below.

I love this dress! It's a crossover-styled top with elastic in the back for a variable fit. My favorite part would definitely be the long sashes, because it can be worn in totally different ways. It's like an infinity dress out of non-stretchy material! Oh, and do you happen to recognize the material? Back... um, February? March?... winter, at least, I posted about how I'd dyed some sheets. That's right, this is the top sheet!

I know, I know it's low cut and shorter than something I'd normally wear, and it's certainly the wrong time of year to be making a sundress, but it's so cute and worn with, say, a slouchy cardigan, tights, and knee-high boots, it's perfect for fall. Or winter, if you live in one of those crazy places where it doesn't snow much, and it gets warm and spring-like in March. Trust me, that never happens in Minnesota!

Anyway, onto pictures:

Empire waisted:

The back, with elastic:
This is my favorite way to wear it-- it's quite Grecian and waist-defining:

Although this one is for me, I am planning on making a few to sell on Etsy (which I'm going to update any day now, I swear!)-- some out of sheets, some out of this lovely printed rayon I picked up sometime during the summer.

Also any day now, I'll be taking proper photographs of a few things I keep meaning to list on my shop, so I'll be sure to show you those. And, of course, my lovely jeans (which, while styled to my specifications, stretch out right away and get really baggy, haha).

During the next month, I promise I'll try and post more often (I always say that!), but if you only get a post with pictures, you'll have to excuse me: all of my writing will probably be going towards my novel, as I'm again participating in National Novel Writing Month ( For the sake of my fingers and the carpel tunnel I'll be getting, don't complain! Just kidding. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ron Paul shirt & Wrap skirt

September 2 I went to the largest Ron Paul event thus far-- The Campaign for Liberty held its Rally For the Republic, an all-day event with many notable speakers and entertainers that all led up to Ron Paul speaking for liberty and about his campaign, what he stands for, the grassroots supporters, and how the C4L will help restore the GOP to its roots and bring back constitutional values in our government.

It was awesome and I'd post pictures from the actual event, but I forgot to bring my camera with me! I do, however, have pictures of the shirt that I made specifically for the event. It's a t-shirt recon, with puffy sleeves, a v-neck, and hand-stenciled text on the front.

I also made the skirt (not to wear to the event) that I'd been planning for a couple months. I saw this amazing, flattering wrap skirt in a store, but it seemed simple enough to made so instead of buying the skirt, I bought fabric. :) It's a light rayon and is extremely comfortable to wear. It also doesn't really wrinkle, so it's perfect for travel! It's huge; it goes around my waist twice.

Photos of newer stuff will be coming soon. Not to hint or anything, but I made jeans. And they pretty much rock. =D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Typical Busy Fall

During which my laptop needs a clean-up and is therefore currently out of service, I decide to again participate in National Novel Writing Month ( that's for YOU, Dana! I'm just in the planning stages right now...), I work on bringing my Etsy back to life, store up some stock for the holidays, and we decide to paint the entire upstairs of our house. (My floor and walls are going to be GREEN! It will be amazing.) Oh yes, and I also muddle through my junior year.

Because my laptop is waiting to be picked up from the technician's, I won't be able to show you pictures until after Sunday. But I figured I would quickly update at least to let you know what's been going on. And when I do post pictures I should have some good shots from a photo shoot with fall colors, along with my lovely low-quality self-timer ones taken with a sheet backdrop in my sewing room-- don't we love those?