Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

This is a bag I made for the lovely Jessica for a Secret Santa Swap with the TB Gang. I was horribly late to make it and send it off--about a month, actually--but she got it a couple days ago so I get to post these photos. Isn't it neat, Jessica, that here this bag hung (from a moose antler...) in -10 degree weather, which you hate, and now it's sitting somewhere across the world on your sunny shores just a few days later? Airmail is awesome like that!

Aw, shoot, I don't remember the pattern I used for this. Something Simplicity. It wasn't too hard but I forgot to buy bias tape & since I live an hour from town, I made my own. Which wasn't a picnic. But it was worth it! This bag reminds me of a vintage apron a little bit. What do you think?


  1. it is vintagy, and I Have a slew of vintage aprons. now that I've hidden it from DD#2 it awaits spring! (it will be my new spring bag!) Dh actually asked me what I was going to do with a new purse, and what I was going to put in it! LOL silly men.

    the bag is also happy to be away from the snow! (and moose antler)LOL. and it's still hilarious that the customs officials opened the mail!

  2. Very cute! When I saw the top of the first picture I thought it was an apron. You did a fantastic job...and go you for making bias tape. I'm so lazy that I will do almost anything to get out of making bias tape.


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