Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recap: Part 1

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Happy 2011! In the spirit of moving on, I figured I'd recap the last year and put the past in the past before moving on to bigger and better things this year. So!

Last January, I moved away from home for the first time to go to college--while still in high school. It was difficult and exciting and I learned a lot about myself, how to deal, and how to balance.
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In February, I began to get into a routine. It was when I made my final decision to transfer in the fall to a school more suited to my interests. I met people, had fantastic times with my brother & our friends, had some rough days where I really questioned my decision to move away, and finally settled in.

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March was a fun month. Classes were good, friends were good, and spring break was right in the middle of the month. Went home, made dresses, had a jolly time, etc.

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April was crazy busy. I was not only busy with college classes, but I was working on graduating high school as well. Somehow I still fit in time to sew, go to concerts and plays, and swing dance with cute boys. (Recap parts 2 & 3 coming shortly!)

I always wait a couple days to write out my official resolutions, and then I end up making a massive list that is hardly accomplish-able. But I chalk it up to always trying to be better, & one can't say that that's a bad thing! What are your resolutions this year? Do you even make resolutions or do you ignore the tradition?


  1. I had totally forgotten you were also completing high school! What a crazy amazing year, Addie!

  2. Happy 2011! Hope it's going to be as great to you as 2010 was. :)

  3. Thank you, dears! Best wishes in 2011 to you both. :)


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