Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Line Development - Men's Line


This was my men's wear line. For this one, we got to be a little less creatively driven, and we had a lot more requirements. The main ones were that we had to do striped knit shirts with varying patterns, that it had to be a resort collection, and it had to have a certain amount of branding, motifs, and emblems included. Knots were my main theme, and my mom even tied the knot on my cover page above! So sweet. :)


This collection was hand-drawn, and then colored using Photoshop. It was so neat to learn to use the program to create patterns! Coloring remained my favorite part of the process through this project, and learning to dodge and burn was a total game-changer for the quality of my flats.


Also, I draw very angry men, apparently. They're all sneering!


This line was a bit of a struggle to complete in our given two-week time period. What I remember most from the day I turned it in was the sheer exhaustion: I hadn't slept in three days save a few naps, and I couldn't even stay awake through my classes afterward. But, it was worth it. It's always worth it to pull all-nighters like that, because the alternative is turning in sub-par work. By the time I finished this project, I decided that I enjoyed outerwear more than anything else--and it helped that I was better at it than other aspects of design. I think that was my favorite part of the class in the end: learning your strengths and weaknesses is so hugely important to success. Knowing that I enjoyed outerwear gave me direction for the next project: children's clothing!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Line Development - Women's Line


Welcome to my life in Fall, 2011.


I lived and breathed my Line Development class for three months, and oh, what a crazy time it was. I wrote about it back in January, but to give more of a recap of what the class actually was, I figured I would show some pictures from my portfolio. Before this class, I couldn't sketch. I mean, I really could not articulate my ideas on pen and paper. Here is proof, and I only am linking you to this to prove a point: these awkward drawings make me cringe!

To say I was nervous for this class would be an understatement. Sewing is my strong point, not sketching! And yes, I struggled, but all the extra work make success that much sweeter.

But anyway! This is my women's wear line. I was inspired by arched doorways and hinges, and that was the driving point behind most of the pieces.



Everything in this collection was hand drawn and hand colored. I used Prismacolor pencils and a clear Prismacolor blender on top to get the partial rendering effect. Coloring was definitely my favorite part! Getting the texture, hand-drawing embossed leather and tweeds... it was such fun. Remember that jacket from up top... You'll be seeing something similar soon!