Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delightfully Feminine

DSC_03714.jpg picture by Addikins

This is a dress I made early last summer. I think I wore it three times throughout the course of the summer: not a good sign! The truth is, I just didn't like it. It was too low cut for my taste, the top edge of the bust flared out, and most annoyingly, it didn't fit. It was too tight (and not shaped properly) up top, and so I was uncomfortable wearing it.

DSC_03695.jpg picture by Addikins

Well. This had to change--it was taking up space! So today I pulled it out, reworked the bodice using the same sort of pattern I used on the Patchwork Dress (except, kind of fudged because I wasn't building in a bra, and I didn't have as much fabric as I wanted), and tried it on. It's so much better! It's more comfortable and I like how it looks so much better. The ruffled bust it had before may have been cute, but I hadn't done it right. This top isn't perfect either, but I don't really mind.

DSC_03735.jpg picture by Addikins

dress / reconstructed vintage | belt / handmade | shoes / modcloth

I borrowed this belt from the white dress I'd made because I'm tentatively planning to make a better one for that dress, with adjustable hooks and eyes. That would mean I can have this one... which isn't a bad thing at all, haha.

DSC_03783.jpg picture by Addikins

The storm was building as I went out to take these photos, and now it's absolutely pouring. The internet is in and out, so I'm stealing an "in" moment to post this. At least the electricity hasn't gone yet. My brother is currently across the lake visiting with friends, and he thankfully hasn't tried to cross in this weather, but he might be stuck for the night! At least he'd be warm and dry. As we were just sitting down to eat, there was this huge crack of thunder, so loud it made us all jump. The lightning most likely struck on our property somewhere--seriously right near by. I always get a little scared by lightning because I'm wimpy like that.

DSC_03794.jpg picture by Addikins

In other, more exciting news, I registered myself a domain name! It is officially, although if you type in the old MateyCouture address it will redirect you here anyway. I figured, why not officially switch over everything? I also set up a new Etsy shop in anticipation of listing new items for the summer (which I know I've been talking about for ages), and switched my Twitter name over.

I'm not quite sure yet what I'll be doing with the garments that are in my MateyCouture shop. Would you get something if it was at a super-reduced price? Make me an offer if you're interested in something. (Seriously. Even if you think it's crazy low. I'll consider it.) At this point, I'd like to see it go to a happy customer and I don't plan on listing these in my new shop.

Alright, I'm off to do some non-electric things while it's thundering like this!


  1. Heyyy!
    Regarding your esty shop. I love the Cherry Puffy sleeved Keyhole top. But I'm in Australia. and I imagine the shipping costs would be really high. What would be the least that you would let it go for?


  2. Thera Joyce - Thank you!

    Ting - How does $20 + $11 for shipping sound? That means you'd basically be paying $2 for shipping, as the top is currently at $29.

    Janice - :D It was so worth it, I think!

  3. The last shot is fantastic - we get to appreciate the drape of the fabric, a smile over the shoulder, our super photogenic blogger and the great contrast of rocks/water. Brilliant work!

  4. That's awsome Addie!!! Your own .com!!!
    I love the last shot too! I's should be in a magazine
    or something:)
    beautifull dress sweety! You never dissapoint:)

  5. This is a fabulous dress! I'm so in awe of people who can sew like that!

  6. Heidi - You are so sweet. Thank you!

    Tany - :D Thank you, dear!

    The Daily Fashionista - Aw, thanks!


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