Monday, June 7, 2010

New Improvements!

Something I didn't mention a couple days ago: I have a plot to blog for two weeks straight to make up for my two weeks of not posting. But, of course, Blogger had to go down yesterday evening. It didn't even save the long post I'd written up! So frustrating. Here we go again!

DSC_03672.jpg picture by Addikins

Two nights ago I did something I've been wanting to try since about January. I'd been looking at photos of Zooey Deschanel for a bit & had had a conversation with my friend Dana about it before deciding to take the plunge. So at about 11:30 at night I stood in front of the mirror, grabbed some scissors, and cut myself some bangs!

DSC_0369_picnik.jpg picture by Addikins

DSC_0385_picnik.jpg picture by Addikins

I made this skirt yesterday morning (in time to wear to church!). It's out of jersey knit, and it has a wide waistband, six darts in front, a blind hem, and nice pearl buttons in front to contribute to the sailor look. I was feeling very nautical. One day projects are the best!

After getting dressed, I felt like I needed something to pull the look together, so I found these chains my mom had given me, grabbed the anchor off a charm bracelet my aunt & cousin got for me, and put the two together! I actually love the two together, although maybe I should find silver chains if I keep the anchor as a necklace.

DSC_0379_picnik.jpg picture by Addikins

necklace / gift & diy'd | shirt / thrifted | skirt / handmade | shoes / vintage

DSC_0376.jpg picture by Addikins

DSC_03702e.jpg picture by Addikins

I cut my bangs a little long, so they're very versatile, but I may trim them a little. Straight-up bangs:

DSC_0383.jpg picture by Addikins


DSC_0383.jpg picture by Addikins

Not there at all:

DSC_0384.jpg picture by Addikins

And finally! I have mentioned The Clothes Horse blog in the past, I know. Rebecca, the genius behind it, always does these adorable animated GIFs, and so this is my little tribute to that. It is a kind of sloppy first try, but it was super fun to do so I'd like to try again so I can improve!



  1. Yay, evil blogger is cooperating :)
    I ADORE the skirt. First of all, nautical is awesome and second of all red is awesome. Together they make the ultimate awesome. I've also had a hard time finding an anchor necklace so I made my own from clay.
    The little gif is really cute, I love your shoes.
    Also, bangs are awesome. But I've mentioned that already. I cannot exist without my bangs.

  2. That is like my dream skirt, I've been looking for one everywhere. I've been thinking about trying my hand at sewing and I think I shall try to make one. Yay for nautical! Your bands are lovely and very Zooey.

  3. you're like Sailor Addie or something better! too cute chicky! keep up the good work, and I agree, one day projects are the BESTEST!

  4. you look great in the bangs! i tried to get a hair stylist to cut my hair in bangs like that once and she cut them waaaay too short. never again. love them on you!

  5. Gorgeous! Every bit is gorgeous!
    I am so in love with that skirt and you did an awesome job with your hair too.

  6. The picture where you're on the ground is absolutely awesome! The colors are so rich and it just looks like a model picture advertising something! Those bangs are the best! You're very brave to cut them off yourself. And I like that you made them long! When I had bangs a few years ago, I had them cut pretty short so they weren't versatile at all... Yours look fabulous! And blogger was being soooo annoying yesterday! I kept trying to post something and it wouldn't post.

  7. I adore the bangs! I also adore the skirt, and may have to possibly jank that idea and alter it slightly so's it's not a direct ripoff.

    I should post those pics of some of the cute outfits from the She & Him concert - Zooey Deschanel is definitely a neo-neo-neo-retro fashion inspiration. Lots of girls dressed adorable yesterday.

  8. Coco - Thank you!! I totally thought of you when making the skirt--it seemed very much like your style! &, so much bangs love! :)

    Kyra - You should definitely make one! It was so easy, since it was knit material. Thanks for the compliments!

    J Sedai - Haha, thank you!!

    Jessica - Well thank you! Cutting them too short was one of my fears--I'm sorry about your bad experience!

    Clare - Aw, thanks, doll!

    Hannah - Shucks. Thank you so much! Your compliments made me blush.

    Janice - Thank you! Feel free to do so! :) I saw the photos you posted on facebook, and those girls were so darling! Also, that shot you got of the couple was perfect. So awesome.


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