Monday, June 21, 2010

I, I Love the Colorful Clothes She Wears...

...and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair...

DSC_00072.jpg picture by Addikins

So, I actually wear this outfit quite a bit. It's just a perfect blend of cute and casual, is wonderfully summery (I can't get enough of yellow), and it's super comfortable. I love this shirt. There was a "fill a bag for a dollar" sale at Salvation Army when I was still away at school, and I got there in the last fifteen minutes, having barely heard about it in time. I basically threw anything that kind of might look okay into my bag (including a couple things that were most definitely donated back later). I'm so pleased I grabbed this! (Haha. I'm gushing about a t-shirt.)

DSC_0005.jpg picture by Addikins

I braved ticks and bees to hang out in the tall grass in front of "Gramps," the antique dump truck that has been in my family for several generations. This area actually used to be a pasture: once upon a time, we owned donkeys, and this lovely hill was a part of their old stomping grounds. (The donkeys have since gone to live with a friend of ours in Montana.)

DSC_0001.jpg picture by Addikins

Guys, I am having so much fun taking photos this summer! My dad's camera is magical. I don't know how to use it as well as he does but it's sure been an adventure figuring it out! I spent about twenty minutes sweating in the sun, trying to figure out how to turn off the autofocus but still retain the rest of the automatic settings, but did not succeed. (Maybe reading the manual will help. Haha.) So I'm slightly out of focus in some of these, but it's not too bad.

DSC_0009.jpg picture by Addikins

Ah, lying on a blanket in the sun reading a decadent cupcake recipe book. Sunday afternoons in the summertime are pretty wonderful. (Sorry my shoes aren't very visible in any of these shots! They're the yellow ones I always wear.)

earrings / handmade | top / thrifted | skirt / handmade | shoes / modcloth

DSC_0015.jpg picture by Addikins

DSC_0014.jpg picture by Addikins


  1. I love the pics with you and Gramps! It's adorable!

  2. Those photos are pretty rad, lovely setting!

  3. if you have that much trouble with lil crawling pests I think Guini hens or Pea fowl (not sure of the exact knid of bird here, I know it's a non flight kind) will roam around and eat them. I read a couple years ago about some neighborhoods up in fancypants upper North East, they didn't want to use chemicals cause of their kids playing and stuff, so they got these birds to roam the yards and eat the ticks and stuff.

    also that color combo is GREAT, and um that shot of you laying on the blanket is my all time fav EVER, it makes up for not seeing your shoes, and I'm trying my best to not be pervy here, and I'll fail in a min so I"m stopping now.

  4. Hey there just to let you know I adore your outfits, both made or worn, and your blog has kinda inspired me into doing some things myself. Also I followed your tutorial for the skirt and it came out real well.
    So yeah keep it going ;)

  5. I love the pic in the checkered blanket! And about reading Cupcakes?
    Ultra win!!!! :)

  6. Yum... cupcakes... *drools*
    Ahem! I love this outfit, as always. My favorite shot would have to be the checkered blanket one, but followed closely by the ones with Gramps :D

  7. Janice - Thanks, dear!

    Adiel - Thank you!

    Jessica - Oh cool! Not sure my parents would go for that, though, haha. I did find a tick biting me later (ew) but it wasn't as bad as it could've been. I'll probably just have to suffer through. &, hahaha, thank you.

    fuckingyouth - Thank you so much! I'm really flattered that you found inspiration from me. Thanks for your sweet comment! Also, I'd love to see photos of the skirt if you're so inclined!

    Tany - Thank you! :D You can't beat cupcakes.

    Dork Vader :) Thank you, doll!


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