Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tutorial: Heart Cut-Out

I've been neglectful this week, I apologize! But as I mentioned on Thursday, I have some fun stuff coming.

Ah, a tutorial! On something you perhaps didn't care to learn anyway? Well, here it is. It is much less daunting to make a tutorial for part of something, or a technique, than it is to make one for an entire garment. So I went ahead and filmed this. There are pattern recommendations in the description bar below the video. I haven't actually looked at these in the store, so I don't know if they have facings or a lining, but they looked pretty decent. Let me know if you have a pattern in mind that would work for this, & I'll add it to the description!

So that's that! If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them.


  1. Excellent tutorial. Thank you so much. I know I'll be using this idea in the future.

  2. Thanks so much for making this tutorial. Super cute!

    Thera Joyce

  3. Thank you soooo much! Heart cut out dresses are adorable and I've been meaning to try it :)

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, Addie! I "heart" this dress. Okay, okay, I know, bad pun... But anyway, I haven't gotten around to commenting on stuff. It's been busy lately, but I love this dress and I hope to use this tutorial sometime!

  5. Great tut Addie!!! I love doing this to the necklines of my dresses!
    Interfacing is best friend ever! The iron on is my fave choice!
    Seamless vid!
    Thank you for sharing luv! oxox

  6. Thanks for sharing your skillz, Addie. ^_^ The Heart Cut-Out Dress is, by far, the cutest of your summer collection (at least from what I've seen).

  7. Thanks for the lovely words! I'm so glad it'll be useful. :)

    Hannah - Oh, don't worry about the commenting! I am always pretty bad about commenting, I understand. & I did laugh at your pun, haha.

    Tany - :) Thanks! Iron-on interfacing is magic, I swear!

  8. Hi !

    I'm french (so I'm sorry for my poor english) and I knew your blog via Burdastyle. I love what you sew, your ideas and your blog !
    Thank you so much for this tute ! I think I will use it for a dress (like you :) )

  9. what is interfafe and y is it used

  10. Aelfia - Thank you! I'm so glad you will find it useful. :) (& your English is perfect, don't worry about it!)

    Anonymous - Interfacing is a material that is either ironed or sewn into places of a garment for structure, support, or stiffness.


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