Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skirt Reconstruction & Daily Outfit

IMG_0369edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

In a Salvation Army excursion, I found a hideous polyester elastic-drop-waist floor-length dress and knew that it had potential somewhere in there! Mostly I noticed that it had pockets, and that was the main selling point for me. I never make my skirts with pockets, for some reason, and I always end up needing them.

IMG_0368.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm really pleased with how this skirt turned out! It's twirly and very fun to wear. And, um, pockets. Best invention ever.

IMG_0364.jpg picture by MateyCouture

- glasses - forever21
- cupcake necklace - E Ria Designs
- jacket - ragstock
- bamboo cowl shirt - handmade
- skirt - reconstructed
- oxfords - ebay

IMG_0361.jpg picture by MateyCouture

IMG_0363.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I wore this yesterday (before and after working in the shop, that is) for a 3-hour coffee/study session in the morning and a girls' movie night in (He's Just Not That Into You & 500 Days of Summer, if you were wondering).

Hope your weekend is pretty darn lovely!


  1. oo pretty, I think you and I have similar taste, like this is what I'm going for in my head, but I don't quite get there (mostly because there's a hippie in me that tries to escape at the same time that too) ole well, my point is you're WAY cute, the skirt is adorable and the shoes are FABULOUS!

  2. Oooh, I love how it looks so light and airy. It looks comfortable, convertible for summer or winter with the leggings, and I really like the belt with it. CUTE!

  3. I LOVE the black cardi...awww..
    I have 4 of them...there absulutly fabulous..and one of them, I got only for $5 only!!!!!!
    It was when I worked for Macys....gosh I use to get DKNY clothes for like $7


    anyways my beautifull Addie, you always look fabulous dawling!!!!!!

  4. Jessica - Thank you! You're very sweet. &, don't we all have our hippie moments? ;)

    Hannah - Thanks, doll!

    Tany - Haha, thank you! It's actually a jacket, but I DO need to get myself more cardigans! Ahhh, nice, that's definitely a perk to working retail!


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