Monday, March 1, 2010

"Nothing is / but what is not."

My fabulous mom sent me my tutu, so I broke it out today in honor of the beautiful weather. It was so nice out! Everything was melty, and it practically felt like t-shirt weather (at least for us crazy Minnesotans. Anything above 30 degrees feels warm this time of year!).

IMG_0385.jpg picture by MateyCouture

This thing is so frothy and fun! Wearing it really made my day better; seeing people's reactions is delightful. Things like a nod and, "I approve," "Your outfit is ridiculous. I love it," and "That skirt is hot!" Haha.

IMG_0379.jpg picture by MateyCouture

My friend Ashley was good enough to come out on the pond in front of our dorms to take these pictures in the setting sun. I've been wanting to get out here for pictures for a long time, but... I live on the 4th floor. It's a lot of effort to go up and down the stairs, and even harder to convince someone to come with as a favor. But I'm super excited with how these turned out!

- Necklace - Antique store
- Tee - I made it
- Petticoat - Thrifted
- Shoes - Ebay

IMG_0390.jpg picture by MateyCouture

Ahh, busy next couple of weeks. My last day of class before spring break is in 12 days, and I am so psyched to go home! Besides seeing everyone, it will be really nice to eat real food, drink real water, sleep in my own bed, and rest up a bit. Maybe get on a normal sleeping schedule. (I almost never sleep in here, it's actually really impressive. But going to bed early is terribly difficult!) Okay, off to study Macbeth.

What about you guys? If you're in school, what are your plans for spring break?


  1. SO FLUFFY! I'm so going to make a petticoat now. *puts it on long list of things to make* The pictures are really fantastic too XD

  2. Ahh, just got done with a long day of classes (including semi-finals, bleh), and now I am listening to music, eating a divine chocolate creme egg and reading your blog. *Happy sigh* I miss you and your pink tutu (which I have as yet to meet, ahem). We should talk soon ok?
    Love you muchly!

  3. too cute, and I too approve, but ah it is not warm enough to not have a sweater dear!!

  4. Carly - :D YES, make one!

    Dana - Oh darling! Yes, we need to talk soon. I'm glad you got to relax a bit... midterms are killing me too, if it's any consolation! (I'm sure it isn't.) Good luck, & let's just look forward to break, shall we?

    Jessica - Hee, thank you! I did have my jacket tossed on a snowbank, don't worry. :)

    Mara - Thank you very much, on all accounts!

  5. Lovely pics!!!xxx

  6. Cha Cha Cha...I love your pettycoat...sooo lovely Addie.


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