Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Pink Petticoat Kind of Day

Do you have a piece of clothing or an accessory that just picks you up? A pair of shoes that lifts your mood every time you slip them on?

I do. And I was silly enough to not bring it with me. (It's funny that I miss the two of the most ridiculous & impractical pieces of my wardrobe: my petticoat & my oxford stilettos.) My pink tutu just makes things better magically--seeing it makes me smile, wearing it makes me feel better, and getting people's reactions is always fabulous. It usually makes other people smile, or laugh, or just shake their heads, but however they respond, it's kind of nice to brighten places up & have people take things a little less seriously for a moment.

So today, for various reasons, a pink petticoat would've really come in handy. Instead I wore pretty much the opposite--a grey wool skirt--and that definitely reflects how things went.

But that's one of the things I love most about fashion: the way it can really change how you feel. It has the power to transform you. A girl can put on a fabulous dress and it can give her that little boost of confidence she needs. It changes people's impressions of you and can alter your perspective of yourself. In an ideal world, we'd have these things figured out in ourselves already, but for now, it's nice to have a helping hand sometimes.

Or maybe this is just nonsense from a sleepy teenage girl. But, your thoughts?


  1. Maybe you can throw together a scrappy petticoat while you're there at school? :)

    Sometimes I wear Todd's key necklace he gave me if I'm going somewhere where I need confidence, or if it's someplace in Chi-Town where I think he'd want to visit.

    I also wear my pendant watch (it's just a fashion watch) that my gramma gave me years ago for Christmas, if I want Gramma around.

    I don't think I have any clothes that makes me feel sooperconfident right now. Hrm.

  2. HestonFolks - <3.

    Janice - Ooo I totally could! I'm going to the thrift store one of these days, I'll have to see what I can find to work with.

    I love that, the way things you wear can hold special meaning & memories.

    & I know you don't like high heels, but I always, always find that they make me feel better. Like, three extra inches of confidence.


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