Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favorites: Martotopia

rd kjole 1

Pretty much my new favorite person ever is this lovely lady, Martotopia. I found her while browsing on good ol' Lookbook, and was immediately charmed by the vintage-inspired quaint dresses she wore. When, upon further reading, I found out that she made her clothing, I was completely hooked. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like us seamstresses and DIYers have an automatic bond that spans oceans and computer screens. Clothes mean a little more if they're designed & made by the wearer, at least in my opinion.

green 3

mote bilder av marte 062 copy

pandakjolen 2

bl kjole sydd juni 2009

Click on the photos to visit her blog--it's all in Norwegian, but she has plenty of pictures--and be sure to visit her on Lookbook & lend her some love, hype, and comments... you know the drill!

Additionally, if you have comments/critiques on this new theme day thing, definitely let me know! & have a fabulous Friday evening!

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  1. Martes kjoler er herlige! Spesielt den grønne med polkadotter. Elsk. - gjeldende


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