Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up on the Balcony

This is pretty similar to an outfit I posted about a month ago, but I finally got my act together & grabbed a buddy to help me with photographs, and I didn't feel like changing into something totally new. Ah, laziness. Such a terrible trait to have.

We have this terrific balcony right off of our lounge, & it's such a cool place for photos! I love all these new spots to pose in.

IMG_0251.jpg picture by MateyCouture

IMG_0247.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm wearing:

- necklace : dazeoftheweek.etsy.com
- jacket : ragstock
- dress : made from a sheet
- belt : made from scrap corduroy
- tights : we love colors + target
- shoes : some store in some mall. but they're actually really great quality & have lasted me for ages!

IMG_0253.jpg picture by MateyCouture

It was actually really hard to balance on the railing here. I was laughing, which didn't help. Did I mention I'm on the 4th floor?

IMG_0234.jpg picture by MateyCouture

& then this one just makes me laugh a lot... the railing was really cold & a little wet & I was exclaiming about it.

I haven't worn my hair up in so long, so it was really fun to put it up like this today. It's all fancy & pinned & there are curly tendrils & I'm super excited about it. If you couldn't tell.



  1. I really love that dress! And that outfit! I couldn't pull it off, but you look so adorable in it!

  2. Love the location, love the dress, love the hair. Basically...you rock :)

  3. WOW!!! You made that dress from a sheet??!! That is SOOOooo amazing! I am so in awe of you right now. I also love how your belt is made from scrap courderoy! You are so crafty, I love it. I also LOVE that your tights are We Love Colors!! I love that company ;)

  4. Hannah - :) Thank you! Sometimes I don't know if I can pull things off, but I wear them anyway, haha.

    Whitney - Well thanks, doll! &, ditto.

    heart charlie - Aw, thank you!! & oh my goodness, I love We Love Colors! Such fantastic tights.


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