Monday, March 29, 2010

Windy Days

IMG_0448.jpg picture by Addikins

I owe you an apology! I meant to fill up my week of spring break with a lot of posts & surprises, but it went by too fast and I simply didn't have the time. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of posting regularly now. I'd like to say a quick hello to my new followers, too--thanks for stopping by! ♥

This is a dress I made over break. I originally tried making the top part from scratch out of rayon, but after an evening of working on it, the fit was off and my machine was messing up the buttonholes. I threw it aside and used an old button-down instead. It's basically just a gathered skirt attached to the top with a white sash in back.

IMG_0451.jpg picture by Addikins

The wind was swirling around madly, so even through I took about thirty pictures (with the tripod I brought back to school!), these three were the only ones where I wasn't bent over keeping my skirt from puffing up.

IMG_0450.jpg picture by Addikins

Going back to class after a too-brief break was difficult, but I'm getting back into routine now. The next month & a half are going to be insane, as I'm working on graduating as well. I am so excited to be done! I've begun to plan my graduation party already, haha. It'll be picnic themed, and while dressing up won't be required, it will be strongly preferred! I'll be waiting until July so that my grandma will be able to make it, although I might have a small party here with my brother and some friends, as well.

Oh, just listen to me, chattering on! I shouldn't be looking so far ahead, when there's so much work right in front of me to tackle before I get there.

On a different note, it's finally spring here! It was in the 60's today, and the next couple days it's supposed to be up to 75! I'm so delighted. I changed outfits four times today--one for class, one for lounging around doing homework, one for dinner, and one for the evening. What can I say, I just kept changing my mind!

This is a pretty scattered post, so I'll cut it off here & go study. Is it spring where you are? Are you celebrating?


  1. looks pretty sharp! you'll never have to worry about your blouse coming untucked! and the red shoes are the right amount of POP!
    It's practically beach weather here some days!

  2. Wow, I love that outfit! And I'm more of a pants person myself. Score for you!
    and it's still a frozen tundra here :(
    Oh how I long for Spring...

  3. It is Spring here and it is so lovely! I love warm weather sooo much :)


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