Sunday, March 14, 2010

Those Rather Dreary Rainclouds Still Bother Me

DSC_03502edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

We've had this swamp settee for pretty much as long as I can remember. It used to be on our screen porch, out of the weather, but I remember my dad painting the seats blue and moving it down to the lakeside probably ten years ago (at least). My parents would go have cocktail hour and look out over the lake while sitting on it. I would have tea party-picnics on it with friends (and our stuffed animals!) in the summertime.

But over time, the rain and snow have rotted the now moss-covered slats. It blends in pretty well for having been blue, and it has an endearingly forgotten look to it. In a few more years I'm sure it won't be more than a pile of boards, covered in fuzzy moss and sinking into the ground.

DSC_03472edit.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I realize that my outfit today is a terrible mix of prints and textures. But can you blame me? I was just really excited to be able to wear this coat again!

coat - delia's
skirt - vintage
boots - forever21

My brother is a good looking, well-dressed fellow, and he let me get a picture of his outfit today--and furthermore, agreed to let me post it here and make a lookbook account for him! He kindly puts up with me very well.

fedora - overland sheep co. in taos, nm
vest - thrifted
moccasins - minnetonka
sunglasses - rayban

Finally, here's a shot of the lake this evening!

DSC_03442.jpg picture by MateyCouture

It never has standing water on the ice this time of year, but it's been unseasonably warm these past few weeks. Creeks have been starting to flow and the snow has mostly melted! I'm certainly not complaining, although I might've liked to be able to ski a bit this week... Instead, I'll get to pull out my hula hoops and see if I've forgotten the tricks I taught myself in the summer!


  1. your brother is a cutie, DH says NICE HAT! but I still can't talk him into a vest, too metro for him *sigh*. the bench is pretty and I bet it was tons of fun with your stuffy wuffs on picnics! I'll forgive the coat and skirt combo, it almost blends in. LOL and that sunset is PRETTY!!

  2. That outfit is lovely. Beautiful coat.

  3. I would be ridiculously happy to wear the coat, too! I love the boots! And your bro looks dapper. The background on his pic is pretty amazing.

    What do they put in the water in Minnesota?! DANG.

  4. Cute coat! I love it and it fits you so well! Beautiful sunset too! Also, I think it's awesome that your brother thrifts too! My brother won't, I've spent all these years trying to convince him to go in with me, but he won't. Cool shots!

  5. I'd steal that beautifull retro looking coat from you Addie, if it would even fit

    But I do have a pattern...ha..

    I freaking adore it Addie, and I dont think its horrid textures but compliment eachother at the same time...almost like a parade of blacks!

    You ski too...awww man....take pics sweety, I wanna see!

  6. Jessica - Paul says thanks! Maybe if you called it a waistcoat he would change his mind? Vests can be pretty classic, just as classic as fedoras! Haha.

    Juliannelefay - Thank you!

    Janice - Thank you & thank you! :) The background is my dad's workshop, totally covered in old antiques. I should really try to get more photos there!

    Hannah - Thanks, doll! He actually has better finds than I do, most of the time, haha. Aw, hope your brother changes his mind sometime! Thrift store finds are about 184x more exciting than getting something in a mall, I think.

    Tany - Haha, you could totally make one, no problem! & thanks, darling; that makes me feel better about the prints. I will have to wait until next year to take skiing pictures--all of our snow has melted now!


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