Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More White Dress & Updates!

Hey dears! Sorry I've gone missing--I hope you've all had a good weekend & such! I'm here with just a few quick updates. Hopefully I'll be posting more handmade things this week, it's been a while.

White Alice Dress // Small

Hannah & I got some photos of the white dress for the shop, & I finally listed it! I'm so enamored with her photography skills.

White Alice Dress // Small

White Alice Dress // Small

Also, I've been featured in a beautiful treasury, so if you want to wander on over, click, & comment, that would be lovely! & hopefully soon I'll be able to show you some things you haven't seen before, haha.


  1. I just adore how this dress looks on you Addie! I'm not much for white dresses but this one...is fabulous!! The cut is perfect!
    And strutin it with Daze Of the Week jewelry?! Die!!!
    In love with this look! :)



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