Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Morton Salt Girl

I've mentioned the Morton Salt Girl before (pretty much whenever I talk about yellow dresses)--& I've wanted to take photos dressed like her for ages. When I got this dress in the mail yesterday from Shop Tacky & it was a bit short for my 5'6" frame, I realized that it's an ideal Morton Salt Girl-length!

I really love this dress. Actually unbelievably so. I usually have a whole host of issues with ready-to-wear clothing, but this dress, once I took out the bubble hem to give it 3 extra inches, fits perfectly, is super comfy & light for summer, & is just generally adorable. Isn't the embroidery the perfect touch? My mom has an embroidery machine; I should look into drawing some designs to put on fabric to make dresses equally lovely!

Umbrella - Vintage, Sophie Joe's
Dress - Shop Tacky
Tights - Forever21
Shoes - Modcloth


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. YEEEESSSS! Sooooooo cute!

  2. very nice, I'm NOT drooling, you can't proove it.

  3. You are tooo cute. I do have to say, you do look like the Morton Salt Girl in your photos. Nice.....

  4. Hee, very Morton Salt girl! And, you should try the embroidery machine, why not?

  5. Eeeee, how darling; and it looks so like the Morton Salt Girl!
    Applause. :)

  6. You look so adorable! I wanted to be the Morton Salt Girl for Halloween last year, but sadly do not own a yellow dress.

  7. :) Thanks, everyone! You're such dears.

  8. Ok. Time for some facts. 1. You look amazing in yellow. 2. That dress looks like a dream. Light, airy, and the embroidery is too cute!!! 3. Your tights make me happy. 4. 5'6? You are 5'6?!? I am beyond jealous right now!!! Hahah!
    <3 <3 <3 Dana

  9. Oh, Dana. You are such a doll. Thank you! & you know what? Your height is perfect, don't even worry about it. (There are always shoes to help you out, & you don't have to worry about being taller than guys!)
    I miss you!


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