Sunday, July 11, 2010

Graduation Party

Things have been pretty sparse around here (understatement!) & I owe you an apology! I hadn't realized how hectic prepping for my graduation party would be, and between that, work, & cramming sewing in, I never got a chance to show you the rest of the Sailor Girl dress! It's coming, I promise.

In the meantime, let me show you what I mean when I say I've been busy! These are the only photos I have from my party, I was too busy talking with people to take any afterward. Most of the desserts couldn't be made in advance, so we spent Thursday & Friday working hard on the treats (and my mom also made the delicious pork & rolls for sandwiches!) for the party at 3:30 on Friday.

DSC_0413-2.jpg picture by Addikins

DSC_0415-1.jpg picture by Addikins

Buttercream-chocolate cupcakes, meringue chocolate-dipped cupcakes, chocolate truffle tarts, lime custards, blueberry cheesecakes, and macarons. There were also berry-chocolate mousse chocolate boxes, white chocolate mousse in chocolate cups, and home made frozen desserts: raspberry lime sorbet, mint chip ice cream, strawberry gelato, and vanilla gelato.

It was delicious. :)

DSC_0416-2.jpg picture by Addikins

Eduardo, one of the dapper party guests, enjoyed himself immensely. I made the flower for his hat. (Real people came too, I promise!)

The winner of the Vest Giveaway was Erin! Congratulations! I'll be in contact with you shortly. (Winner was chosen using the number generator at I'm hoping to do another giveaway soon, so stay tuned!


  1. OhmiGOD those cuppycakes look GOOOOOOD.

  2. Oh, also, the new blog layout looks amazing!

  3. the cupcakes look DIVINE, i want :)

  4. it all looks soo scrumdididdliyumcious!
    and the banner with the dresses on the line is gorgeous!

  5. New layout=Ah-mazing! (especially love the rainbow of dresses ^_^)
    Grad party snacks=too pretty to eat (ok, maybe not...they look great for eating too)

  6. The new layout is amazing. And I'm so psyched about the vest. Yay. =D

  7. Awww I want a cupcake from Addies party!!!
    Everything looks yummy and almost Alice in Wonderlandish! I <3 it!!!
    I love the banner and layout luv, yellow is a happy cheery color!


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