Monday, August 2, 2010

When The Weather Is High

Huge apologies (as seems to be the trend) for the lack of posts... it's been a pretty busy week work-wise here, & I've been getting some custom work done. I've got some sewing projects lined up for the next week, so hopefully I will be super productive.

Do you sum your summer up in brief or one-word phrases? I love the simplicity of describing things shortly, the mystery that it hints to, & the memories that follow when reading it later.

So my summer, thus far, has been:

Yellow nail polish, campfires campfires campfires, splashing in the water, rad canoe escapades, sand-covered clothes, dresses all the time, finding shapes in clouds in the moonlight, huddling on a wet dock, scooping ice cream, creative uniforms, discussing theology while star-gazing, s'mores, Rummy 500, almost-siblings, tiny desserts, so much yellow in every outfit, just jumping in, lounging in row boats, beach hair, Lovin' Spoonful & Fleetwood Mac, racing canoes in impractical clothing, anticipation of my brother's wedding, & smiling, always.

What's your summer been like?


  1. Playing in the water is so much fun! It reminds me of our first adventure crossing Mission creek! Except, we weren't wearing dresses. And we almost died. ;)
    Hmm, my summer has been;
    Missing people, finishing my quilt (ABOUT TIME!), keylime pie, changes, strawberries, sitting on the bluff laughing, lovely tans, working, relaxing in the hammock, daydreaming, long phone conversations, and painful yet beautiful heels (strange how the two so often go hand in hand!).
    Can't wait to see what else you are going to create!!! Love always, Dana.

  2. I love these photos! Love the dress as usual too!

  3. I would love to be doing some custom work right now but my Etsy shop is all about the knits, so until the weather warms up I'm just going to be working at beefing up my stock : )

  4. You summer sounds completely lovely, and I kind off picture it in film like version.

    My summer?

    the wildest love of my life, DIYing, my first tries at making dresses, shopping like crazy, China, Shanghai towers, letters, new music, books about the sea, writing plays, theatre stand by and lots of tea.

  5. Cats, fabric, roomie, banana bread, gin n' tonic, The Op Shop, Book Lady...

  6. My summer has been, driving windows down by myself, cleaning, dancing in the rain, daydreaming, cleaning, no time for sewing, planing, trying to do a cartwheel, skirts, cleaning.

  7. Yellow nail polish! I currently have yellow toe nails, a shade called ice cream I think.. love yellow nail polish :)

    That dress in the photos is adorable.

  8. waiting in the airport, Hawaii.


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