Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tattered Tank

My friend Hannah (a fantastic photographer) and I went out this evening to get some super cool photos that I can't wait to show you, but they're unedited right now, so here's a little something in the meantime.

This is a top I made today, after looking through my fabric shelves & coming across some bamboo I'd forgotten I had. It's that 95/5 bamboo/lycra blend that I adore so much, & it's a dream to wear. I made a scrap-embellished tank last fall, and intended to do a whole bunch more but then never got around to it! So I dove right in & am super pleased with the result.

It's pretty basic, but my favorite part are the scraps climbing over the shoulder. You can't see it so well, but it's a piece of chiffon that has a vine print, & I melted all around the print and then stitched along with the pattern.

Hope the end of your week is super lovely.


  1. I love this! Pic #4 is very Pin-Up - Woooo!

  2. sometimes it's just the little things that make things so nice! and this proves it. anymore and it'd take over and be too heavy, but as is it just floats there and is lovely there on the neckline! beautiful work chickie!! and you're cute as ever in the pics!

  3. This is totally pin-up Missy!!! I've been saying that Addies got a lil bit of Rockabilly fever! lol I love it!!!
    The red sailor mini....... FABULOUS !!!!!! I'd so wear that!

    (I swear you have the most tiniest lil wait ever Addie!) hubba hubba:)

  4. Lol I meant "waist" Addie lol
    my itouch has a mind of it's own sometimes lol!!!

  5. Janice - Haha, thanks, doll!

    Jessica - You are such a dear. Thank you! & you're right: detail is important, but it should be balanced with a level of simplicity!

    Tany - I DO totally have some rockabilly fever... must be contagious, eh? I actually thought of you when I was taking these photos--you know, red skirt, vintage mustang, & Bettie-feel. :) & aw, thank you, Tany!

  6. Very cute! I'm loving the skirt and shoes too!

  7. I love that skirt!! really cute!
    and lovely way to add some shebang to that top :)


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