Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Turn & Face the Strange

I realized quite recently that I've been home for two months already... & I go back to school in six weeks. Except it's not really "back" since I'm starting all over in a new place, where I don't know anybody. Last semester, I was going to school with my brother, lived a floor above one of my best friends, and already had a "group" and people to spend time with on weekends. I made friends on my floor & with people from my classes as well, but starting out, it was so helpful to have family and dear friends nearby, since everyone in my dorm knew each other already. Some of it was hard at first--cursed shyness!--but for living away from home for the first time, I didn't have it too bad.

Starting over this fall, though, where I honestly don't know anyone, is daunting. I'm excited for my classes (well, most of them), and to be crazy busy, and to meet people & all... I just don't want to do the hard stuff again. I don't want to eat cafeteria food again, or live in a place where I can't really walk places alone at night (though this would come in handy if I had to), or learn my way around a new campus.

Oh, listen to me, complaining. I apologize. I truly am looking forward to the fall, & my new roommate seems nice, but I'm just a little jittery. (Bright side! I'll be nearer to the Twin Cities, sort of... um, shopping? Fabric warehouse? Yes, please!)

shirt / thrifted | dress / vintage, recon'd | belt / target | shoes / modcloth

For a while I really disliked how my hair looked in a beehive 'do, but today, with slight cat-eye make up (which I also never was able to pull off before!), it just kind of worked. So--here's to trying new things!

(Have you been trying new things this summer? Do you have changes coming up that are daunting? Do you work well with change? C'mon, spill!)


  1. Your hair looks super lovely, Addie! That's a beautiful hair-do on you! Your bangs are just darling!

    Making friends is hard sometimes, but you just have to remember that the majority of people out there are just as shy as you. Both of my best friends were afraid to come up to talk to me (just as I was of them) when we first met, but it's 12 years later and we're all still friends! :)

    I have a big change coming up. I'm a college student now so I'll be taking some classes at the local community college come fall, and I need to start saving for the university I want to go to, so I'll need to get a job too! Change is hard for me, but once I get into the swing of things, the stress and nerves scatter.

  2. things change for me every 3-4 years, and I don't mean going off to a different school or moving across town, how's moving to the other side of the world where they don't even use the same alphabet? And for a short while (8yrs) I was bringing new ppl into the world while we did all that! For me tho, having to live in one place would be the change, and that is a scary idea indeed! It's not as hard as you think! Everytime I get the jitters (and I usually don't DO shy) or one of my kids tells me they're feeling nervous of new ppl we sing this song:

    Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I might as well eat worms, BIG FAT JUICY ones, LONG THIN SLIMY ones, itsy bitsy tinsy wincy WORMS!

    it's such a silly song, and we sing it with silly voices for the different descriptions of the worms that their usually rolling in giggles and feeling much better by the end. although I usually just sing it to myself in my head when I need a boost, cause it'd be odd to see a 30yr old woman shouting this out as a SOLO.

  3. I found a person who can teach sewing classes for $50-$75 each, and she's a design student downtown. Scary scary skeery, but I need to upgrade my skills!

    Also, you will be close to CRAFTY PLANET, girlie! If you want, I can put you in touch with Ms. JackieRocket and you can do crafty fun-ness!

  4. LOLOL J.! I'd pay to see you sing that in a grocery store. Heh.

  5. I know what you mean about starting over at a new school after fitting in so well at your old one. I started out at PBU in Philadelphia then switched to Belmont U in Nashville for a semester. It was a good school but I really hated living there. I made no friends. Perhaps I just wasn't there long enough because I switched back to PBU the next semester. I hope you have the best of luck making new friends and I'm sure it will all go fine : )

  6. Oh, you guys are just the absolute best.

    Hannah - Thank you! You know, you're probably totally right about them being just as shy, but I always have the unshakable feeling that nobody is as insecure/awkward/shy as I am! I figure that's something you just get better at with time.

    Good luck at college! For both of us, these are pretty good changes--so the excitement helps, don't you think? :)

    Jessica - So, um, okay, my change isn't nearly as daunting as yours have been! Way to put things in perspective for me! Haha. I love that method of banishing shyness, & I actually do know that song, so now it'll undoubtedly pop into my head--and help--when I have to meet new people! Thank you for sharing, it made me smile.

    Janice - Oh my goodness, exciting! You are going to have such a fun time & learn so many good things, I'm sure of it! Good luck & have a blast!

    OH yes! I don't know how often I'll be in the cities & I don't drive/don't have a car, so I don't really know how well it would work? But I would love to try to make meeting her happen, regardless!

    Chaucee - Thank you! I hope PBU works out for you as well--I think, or at least I've heard, that some schools just fit for people, which leaves the possibility that others just don't. I'm sorry you had to spend a (probably difficult) semester dealing with that! & I'm glad you're headed back to where you'll be happy. :)

  7. this dress is so pretty! i love all of your looks, so ladylike :)

    <3 gina


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