Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Victorian Floral Skirt

My dear friend Tany sent me some beautiful fabric & buttons for my birthday, and I finally garnered the courage to cut into it to make this skirt! It's a beautiful fabric with a rose print & the loveliest sheen. I'm so excited with how it turned out! this skirt is definitely one of my favorite things to wear.

Haha, the above picture was before I realized the scarf was just too much. But, shoes! Perfect with this skirt.

I actually wore it on New Years Eve, & would post full outfit pictures from that night if I'd actually gotten them, but that never happened. I do have this cute picture I took on the lake, right around midnight. We were braving the cold & ridiculously gleeful. Hannah (center), Solveig (back) & I were dancing around and squealing about the fact that it was 2010, OUR GRADUATION YEAR. Haha, amazing.

I also have photos of the awesome dessert that night & my meringue mushrooms, but I'll be doing a post full of baked goods in a little bit.

Be sure to visit Tany's shop, 'k? She's incredibly fabulous.


  1. yay....I'm glad you really enjoyed it sweety!
    I cant belive how amazing the skirt is...wait..
    Yes I CAN BELIVE IT..DUR! Your an amazing designer and flawless seamstess!

    You look beautifull with your friends!
    I'm glad you got to enjoy the snowy weather!
    Soon, I'll get to see the "snow"...hee hee

  2. Aw, Tany! Thank you! :)

    Oh, yes, have fun when you head up to the mountains!


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