Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Midnight Showing" Reconstruction

More Threadless love! This is an incredibly awesome shirt printed with glow-in-the-dark ink so it has a secret design on top of the run-down movie theater. I reconstructed it into a style much like the "My Crony" shirt that I did a while back, but I gave this one puffed sleeves. I made it this afternoon, and my friend Hannah photographed it this afternoon. (She's brilliant & I'm planning to bribe her with clothing to take photos for me this summer.)

Midnight Showing // Threadless Reconstruction // Size S/M

Midnight Showing // Threadless Reconstruction // Size S/M

Midnight Showing // Threadless Reconstruction // Size S/M

Midnight Showing // Threadless Reconstruction // Size S/M

The above is what the design looks like in the dark. Amazing, isn't it? I've never been to a drive in movie, but they seem so classic and terribly romantic. I'm so ridiculously excited about these pictures. They're exactly what I wanted. Hannah just totally got it! The shirt is listed HERE, if you're interested.

Okay, I'm off to sew again. I'll post about NYE (& what I was wearing) soon. How's 2010 going for you so far?


  1. Another awesome outfit! Love the shirt and the style. And may I say that you take beautiful modeling photos without sounding too stalker-y-ish? If not, ignore me. ;)

    Your friend Hannah (who, by the way, has an awesome name. Ha ha.) is sweet to take pictures for you. I'm sure it made it so much easier to model when you weren't rushing for the self timer.

  2. Great photos and I love the new blog look! That is a really cool print on the shirt. And congrats on your section in the Threadbanger takeover week! *Wow that was a lot of compliments all in one...but you are deserving of all of them!

  3. I agree with the above ladies hun! ...but you know I think
    your an excellent designer and flawless seamstress!:) ofcourse!
    Threadless tee's are my fave and love how soft they are too!
    (they carry my size too which is grreat!)

    I love the little Foxy print! Awww cute!
    And I can't believe you've never been to a drive in!
    Yes....they are very romantic and sooo has that retro feel!
    I love them!!

  4. Hannah - Aw, thank you on both accounts, doll! Haha, yes, Hannah was lovely to do it. She has a big fancy camera & sure knows how to use it! It was way easier than doing it myself.

    Whitney - Thanks, cutie! I got the layout from, and the only thing I'm iffy about is the Arial fonts everywhere... I miss my Georgia & Trebuchet styles! But I'll get used to it. And my, you're so sweet! <3

    Tany - Tany, dear! Thank you! Aww. I wouldn't say flawless at all, haha, but it really means a lot, coming from you. Oh, Threadless is definitely my favorite! I wish I could find cotton myself that is that soft!

    I don't know if there even are drive-in theatres in Minnesota... maybe they're more common in warmer climates? But yes, so retro! Like you should be in a convertible with a handsome guy at your side, dressed like Bettie Page. ;)


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