Saturday, January 16, 2010

BRB - Moving Out

IMG_1493.jpg picture by MateyCouture

I'm all packed & about to fall into bed, only to get up early tomorrow to pack the car. We're leaving immediately after church and driving for about 8 hours. I'll probably take a few days to settle in before getting back to posting, but in the meantime, I have a question for you!

What's your opinion on the outfit posts? It will, most likely, become the bulk of my blog while I'm at school, as I don't anticipate having much time to sew. Would you rather I make a different blog (under the same account) and post them there, instead? That would mean things would be much quieter around here, but would be strictly DIY stuff & none of the outfit nonsense.

So, yea or nay? I'm really curious to hear what you think, & I want to keep you happy!



  1. Aww Addie. Your actually leaving allready? Sucks!
    But it just means your growing into an adult.:) sucks!
    Well the the adult part! LOL! (I'm just in denial shhh..)

    Anyways, since your going to gone for a while, I want to say good luck
    & God Bless you sweety! I've really come to know you and experience laughter & drama in our little "TB click" that we have!:) But mostly fun and friendship!
    Always be yourself Addie, because most girls would kill be as naturally cool as you are! I mean that!

    Ok, :) about the Fashion Blog posts, I think this blog represents who you are, so posting about your everyday outfits would be awsome too if they stay here!
    This blog is about a young beautifull vibrant fashion designer begining college and moving to a city where who knows what adventures await her!
    I WANT TO READ IT!!!!:)

    I vote Fashion blog here! (my 2cents) :)heehee...

    Love ya Miss Addie! Oxoxoxo
    your crazy curvy Bettie,

    p.S. Tony says to watch out for deceving cowbows!:)*hugs*

  2. I vote for sticking to one blog. I find that having one blog that includes your whole life is easier to track, and you might surprise yourself and blog about other stuff that's really interesting. Have a safe trip, and try not to get too exhausted. You don't have to be all moved in the first week. :-)

  3. I third the motion. I've found that people who keep multiple blogs loose some of the natural quirky, funny things of life. If you put it all here, than you won't ever have to debate what goes where :)

  4. Keep it all least we'll get to see a picture of you every now and then! Can't begin to tell you how much I'm gonna miss you......(((xxoo))

  5. Here is great. I agree with everyone else.

    Good luck, Addie!

  6. lovely blog : )

    I think it helps to consolidate things myself. good luck with the move!

  7. Yes yes keep it all here please. :) I not your blog (and you too!) *hugs* Just my two cents!


    (P.S. to Tany and Addie, I'm not cool enough to be in the TB clique.) *giggles*

  8. Yay for you!! I most certainly think you should keep everything on this blog.

  9. I definitely second the motion to keep it all in one place :)

    I found your blog through craftster and am really enjoying perusing it - I'm stoked about refitting/purposing my old clothes, and I really dig your style! Your writing is great for someone dipping their toes in the water of DIY-fashion-ness (now I just need to find some good tutorials to with it!)

    Can't wait until you open your shop again, have a great time at college, the first semester is always the craziest! Good luck!


  10. Oh my goodness, thanks for all of your input! I really, really appreciate it. & so, the outfit posts will stay here (when I have something to put up!).

    & thank you for your well wishes! College is good, & I like my classes, but I haven't even plugged in my sewing machine, unfortunately!

    treesa - Aw, thank you! And thanks for following me over here. Good luck with your reconstructions!

  11. Heya, just stumbled over your blog and I truely thing it's awesome. Like the sewing (obviously, just because there tons of fashion blogs but not so many good sewingones (at least that i know of...)) better than the outfits but they are adorable too and i think u should def. post them here!
    Will follow u now now and have a blessed stay, where ever u r going to :D

  12. OT:
    oh no! embarrassing spelling mistake :D think obviously :D hate that cause people think (!! :D) we germans are not able to speak and spell and pronounce english :D
    Trying my best to get that prejudice out of the world :D


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