Sunday, August 8, 2010

Old School

There is a price to having a social life, apparently! It means spending your Sunday afternoon catching up on everything you've put off during the week, like blogging & editing photos & making tutorials & answering email & writing thank you notes & getting things ready to send off.

I took these photos back on Tuesday, but then just never got a chance to edit them until now. I was so excited when I saw the sunset on that day because the gold of the light matched all the yellow in my outfit perfectly. I'm such a dork!

shirt / thrifted || belt / traded with friend || skirt (dress, actually) / handmade || shoes / modcloth

I really loved reading all your comments on my last post. It seriously made my day! Wouldn't it be fun to do a monthly summary or something like that? Just a sweet way to keep up with each others' lives & hear how things are going. What do you think?


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I'm such a fan of tshirts with skirts too.

  2. Your skirt (dress) looks like it was made from an old sheet (?) I say that because I have sheets almost like that and I've always wanted to turn them into a dress....


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