Saturday, August 21, 2010


You know what is seriously a bummer? Running dry on inspiration. Not being able to finish things. Losing motivation. It's all sounding pretty depressing, isn't it?

I have two & a half weeks until I move into my dorm. While I'm excited for this new chapter in my life (excited doesn't describe the half of it!), I'm wondering if the transition period is contributing to my creative dry spell. But then I wonder, am I just trying to find an excuse for month-long general lack of creativity? Because honestly, that's what it's been. Besides a 10 minute shirt I made (which I will show soon!), I haven't made anything since the Sailor Girl dress, weeks and weeks ago. Sure, I've been working, and socializing, and doing plenty of other things... but it's no excuse. I need to learn to be creative on demand, to at least a certain extent.

Well, tomorrow I have to sew. I have to finish a custom order so it's ready to ship on Monday morning. But tonight, I'm going to bemoan my dry spell and pose this question to you: What sites do you visit for inspiration? Pretty pictures? Heartening quotes?

p.s. here are my favorites: - -

& my friend Veronika linked me to what's become my new favorite site:


  1. I browse tutorials on things I've always been interested in doing, but haven't sat down to learn (i.e. furoshiki or kanzashi). Sometimes, focusing your creative side on learning a new skill can reignite that creative spark. I also like to watch films w/ amazing costumes-Bright Star, Hero (w/ Jet Li), and the Fall are a few I can think of.
    It's also normal to go through dry spells when you encounter significant life changes. I know I haven't been nearly as productive in the sewing department since we moved to Kansas City because I'm still trying to get adjusted to my new job and settled into our apartment. Don't beat yourself up about it, but I hope the inspiration suggestions you get from your readers helps spark some new ideas and designs in your head. ^_^

  2. Like Amber, I also browse tutorials for things I've never gotten around to trying, and watch moves with amazing costumes. I have lots of DIY & fashion books as well, so I flip through them, or go through the photos I have saved on my computer of projects or outfits that I love. Also, I have a sort-of scrapbook where I keep all my favourite images from magazines to flip through when I need ideas. :D

  3. I love the photos! You should get a full body shot and post it to lookbook, it would be a hit!

    I do the same thing you do for inspiration, I waste time looking at pretty pictures. I also browse burdastyle for ideas.

  4. Kindness is never wasted. Sometimes you need to be kind to yourself.

    I like to imagine myself in that "FLOW" place, with creative energy circling through the universe, through me, back into the universe. Like the current running through the narrows, or down through the rocks from Magnetic Lake into the Pine River. You have felt that, and you can feel it again.

  5. Sometimes just forcing myself to do something creative, even if it isn't sewing, helps me get there. There have been times where I've forced myself to do something creative, gotten really mad because it wasn't working out, walked away for a bit then came back inspired and worked all night. Maybe it's just me?

    I also like looking at my favourite blogs, as long as I don't get too drawn in and stay at the computer for the rest of the evening,

    Good luck!

  6. I look at material! You know that "feeling" or "idea" you get when you see a pretty print? I love fabric. Thats where I get the best ideas.

  7. I totally get you on the inspiration business,
    generally I type words I like into flickr and make a carpet with all of them, then I watch them with music and I see what comes out of that.
    wish wish wish
    and charade (but you already have those ;)

    uhmm I have some poetry blog

    perhaps if you watch a movie?
    I guess it ain't much help, as I usually get inspiration from here, by the way I'm making a sheet/dress slightly inspired in the stuff you do...

  8. I'm having the same problem right now...the sewing room is being reorganized, I'll be moving in a few weeks, and the inspirations are few and far between. I'm hoping that once we get moved and I can get used to the new town I will be inspired!

  9. I look to the blogs I subscribe to of course for inspiration. (such as yours) and this fabulous artist Cecile Mancion Her art is lovely and romantic and just darn cute! We're in the same boat honey. Me because life has been so busy. I'm starting community college again after 5 years of not going. That's all I can think about lately. So change = unable to be creative!


  10. I find that bouncing ideas off someone helps a lot. You can ask your online crafty pals, or someone in your life who "gets it" and who won't swipe your ideas.

    My roomie and I lucked out, we brainstorm together very well. It was just a happy accident that we both ended up as roomies, but he's a really imaginative clever person, and we seem to bounce ideas off each other pretty naturally.

    So yeah, don't think in a vaccuum! Sometimes you need to see a new way of looking at stuff to get out of the rut.

    P.S.: It also can be hormonal. I was unable to do jack diddly at *all* this week. I've realized to not bother with anything creative just before Aunt Flo pays a visit. So not worth it, I just muck things up, make mistakes, and get frustrated.

  11. You guys are the absolute best. You've no idea how much better this has made my day. Thank you.

    Amber - Thank you for your ideas! I am so in love with Bright Star (& you're right, it's a stellar source of inspiration!), but I haven't seen the other two, I'll have to check those out. Good luck to you getting settled & back into the groove!

    Miss Peregrin - Thanks for the ideas, dear! Super useful. :)

    Maureen - You are so wonderful & your words were very encouraging. Thank you.

    Acire - Thanks! That reminded me that stenciling is my inspiration fall-back because I don't have to come up with new ideas, but I still get a result. Sort of, faking it til you make, right? :)

    Ruth - Yes! The array of possibilities in a piece of fabric is always helpful! :)

    Lucy, Lou, Luc. - Oh wow, there are so many things about Flickr that I have yet to discover! :) Thank you for your ideas, & I'm super flattered that you're making something inspired by my things... kisses!

    Whitney - Ah, good luck to you, I hope you get settled & are back to making beautiful things soon!

    superh20girl - Oh my goodness, Cecile Mancion's work is just darling & beautiful. Thank you for linking me! Ah, it's a hard boat to be in, isn't it? Good luck with school & regaining creativity!

    Janice - Your roommate (Nathaniel?) sounds pretty fantastic, you're lucky to have him! Veronika & I have been swapping inspiration photos over the last few days, & starting new projects, & I think it was just what I needed; refocusing. So, kind of like what you were saying! (Oh, & I don't think it's hormonal this time... but that's something I should remember, before getting too frustrated!) Thanks for the encouragement, dear.

  12. The Fall is my fav costume inspiration movie so far...I salivate just thinking about it. Seriously, it is a must see.

  13. It's in my dvd queue! :)

    Somehow I managed to reply to everyone but Veronika! Sorry, dear. Thank you! I'll probably have to throw up more lights if I want a full shot, but it's somethign to keep in mind! You could probably do wonders with twinkly lights. :) Oh man! I haven't been on burdastyle in ages, & I went & looked today and it was magnificent. Thank you!

  14. @Addie - Yep, Nathaniel. I have a crafty boy as a roomie! Who makes really good apple or bananna bread on an almost daily basis!

    Yesterday he was coming up with ideas for drop earrings he's making with ear wires, he's selling some at the House yard sale. So he put a few bead ideas/color schemes on pins, stuck them on a brick of styrofoam to hold 'em in place, and asked for my opinion as to which 4 or 5 to make. I was super-flattered he asked for my input.

    Yay crafty boys!


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