Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yellow Sundress!

IMG_0680.jpg picture by Addikins

I don't know if you remember, but a couple months back I was yakking on about yellow sundresses and how they were my #1 summer clothing obsession. Well, guess what? I finally got mine made. I found this pretty polkadotted fabric at Joann's and knew immediately that it was perfect for a sundress. Absolutely ideal. It took about three weekends to complete, drawn out because I ran out of thread, and then I didn't have time! But I finished it on Friday afternoon in time to wear to As You Like It & the jazz dance (which were both fabulous, by the way!).

IMG_0661.jpg picture by Addikins

IMG_0683.jpg picture by Addikins

It's very vintage-inspired. To be honest, it's not totally done yet--I am going to add belt loops and a cute removable tie belt, I think. I also have a couple more buttons to sew on the top! But it's done enough to wear, and that's the important part, haha.

IMG_0650.jpg picture by Addikins

IMG_0691.jpg picture by Addikins

IMG_0696.jpg picture by Addikins

I have a hard time doing button-down style tops. I totally messed up the collar and neckline on this one--the neckline is way wider than it should be, and the collar is just generally funny-shaped. It's not so weird that I wouldn't wear it (quite the opposite) but it's not at the standard I want it to be. Well, I guess you learn from things like this, right? Maybe I'll find some info on how to do it properly and do better next time.

So, have you acquired your summer must-have item yet?


  1. Oh yellow looks so great on you sweety!:)
    and with those peep toe shoes?....*dies*
    I love how it turned out but I know how it
    are your worst critiqué! Right? Haha...
    I love the vintage look, it's my fave, and yellow polka
    dots screams "Retro Summer Love"!

    (Dont change a thing, but if you do, I'm sure it will look fabulous on you!) :D

  2. GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness, favorite item that you've worn yet! You look beautiful in yellow and that sundress is so pretty!

  3. looks great on you hun!! I'm trying to find the weirdness you're talking about, but can't. maybe take some closer pics or bring it to a cam event and I might be able to give some tips? but honestly, you look FAB!

  4. So, I'm pretty much convinced that you should wear yellow a lot. Really, darling. Not all brunettes can pull off wearing yellow, but you do & look stunning. A-mazing. The dress is gorgeous! I love the dots! And how the shoes match to perfection! And the buttons! *eeks*! I think the last picture is my favorite, you stunner, you. All this talk of summer dresses is making me long for my sewing machine! :D Hugs!

  5. Dress is lovely, and I love it! I think you should try it with a white belt, too. It matches your shoes perfectly.

    Yes, I have acquired my must-have summer wardrobe piece: my silk and bead lace shawl. I absolutely love it. My year-round new must-have wardrobe staple is my brown sweatshirt jacket. Definitely the most useful item in my travel wardrobe. Thanks for making it for me!

  6. The yellow dress looks good.

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  7. Tany - Aw, thanks, darling! I have just a couple alterations I need to make, but I promise they're improvements. :)

    Hannah - Why thank you! <3

    Jessica - Thank you! I mostly just cut a couple things improperly, & learned my lesson for next time. But thanks for the offer!

    Anna - Just my own. I kind of made some things up as I went along, which in retrospect mayn't have been the best idea, but again, lessons learned!

    Dana - So, I'm pretty much convinced you're the sweetest girl in all of Alaska. Thank you, thank you! &, we're almost done... you'll be reunited with your sewing machine soon!

    Heston Folks - Thank you! I can't wait to see your shawl in person, & I'm so glad you love your sweatshirt. :)

    Rick - Thanks! &, I voted for you!

  8. I absolutely love this dress! Its so summery and vintage looking. Since I saw it I've been looking around for something similar, but no luck. Maybe you should consider making something like it for your shop? *hint hint*

  9. Claire - Thank you so much! You're a darling. I am definitely considering it--there's just some tweaking I need to do with the pattern--so keep an eye out when I reopen my shop!

  10. are so beautiful...
    and talented....
    God bless


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