Monday, May 10, 2010

Vlog 002

Oh hey, good lookin'! Here's a bit of an explanation for my absence recently.

I sound so Minnesotan.

So, yes, things will be hopping again soon here. Thanks for being patient!


  1. so cute! and we get the whole finales take priority thing, and , ugghh rain, its been raining and raining here too!

  2. Im so glad your back!

    When will you be posting that video about the scrap skirt? Im dying to know! <3

  3. Jessica - Haha, thanks! I'm finally done now, thank goodness. Hopefully we'll all get some sunshine soon!

    Paige - Thank you! :) I feel so bad about that tutorial, I promised it months ago! But it's definitely on the list... editing is just a bigger job than I expected. I'd say, look for it along with the other fun things I'll be doing to kick off the summer!


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