Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plum and Lavender

This is a dress I made in about an hour and a half. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love instant gratification. I was kind of making it because I wanted to wear it to an event on Saturday evening, but that didn't quite happen. I would've lost my seat if I'd stuck around to attach the bodice to the skirt! The event was a concert for the Jazz Fest weekend here at the university. It was awesome! I went partially because I love the jazz ensembles here, and partially because I wanted to support my brother, who was playing! It was really, really great. They had very impressive professional guest musicians, include this mad awesome trumpet player. My brother played in a combo (my absolute favorite--such a talented group!), and one of the songs they played was Blister In The Sun. It made my evening.

Because I hadn't finished it that night, I decided to finish it in the morning before church so I could wear it. I hauled my machine out to the lounge at 8:30 with my hair still dripping, and was dressed, pressed, and ready to go at 8:45. I love when things turn out that way.

So on campus right now, loads of people are playing this Humans vs. Zombies game. It's basically a huge game of tag, with a growing hoard of zombies who "feast" on the humans. It lasts for ten days, and we're currently ending day two. I didn't join in, mostly because I was too lazy to go look up the rules and sign up, but it's the most amusing thing to watch. Everyone who is still human is jittery and paranoid, running from class to class. All the "zombies" are hiding behind bushes and trees and around corners to jump out at people. There are frequent screams and squeals right outside my window, & I'll look out to see people being chased every now and then. So funny.

Oh yeah, so this dress. I got the rayon jersey from Joann's & I've had the stretchy lace for ages. It was ridiculously simple to put together--I forgot how much I love working with knits! It's not actually a bubble hem yet, just pinned to a slip. I wasn't sure how I wanted it so I've tried it both ways, and I think I'll make this permanent when I get a chance!

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Ah, the run in my tights. This is my second pair of polkadot tights, and both have ripped so easily. Such a shame, because I adore them! Clearly it doesn't stop me from wearing them, but I wear things into the ground. (See: these boots. The soles are shredded and they slouch so much but I can't seem to stop wearing them!) Do you have worn out clothing that you just can't bear to throw away?


  1. I love the dress! I vote yes for the bubble hem.

    I have a fit-and-flare gothy-ish dress that is of black "slinky" material that I got in the mid to late 90's, that is too small but because it stretches, it's now a nightgown. I have no business wearing it, but boys really love it, heh.

  2. Oh yes, and buy some white cotton gloves for when you put on your more delicate stockings and tights. It's an old Dance School trick - less runs! You can get them at a beauty supply store, or sometimes at a dollar store.

  3. Pretty dress and lovely pictures, too! Your description of the game had us laughing out loud! Miss you lots!

  4. My first reply; I found your blog while rummaging through lj's t-shirt mod communities and now I've read the entire blog. Got a little carried away!

    Anyway, there's a shirt I sometimes sleep in because it's paper thin now - my parents got it in the late 80s and the first time I wore it, I was 4; it went past my knees. Now it actually fits and is soooo soft. I'm dreading the day it retires and not sure how to prolong its life.

    Same could be said for my fav cargo shorts (10 yrs old!), ripped hem, big tear across 1/2 the butt... still wear them all the time, just not in public!

  5. That's so pretty Addie ^_^
    And I vote for the bubble hem too. On a slightly unrelated note, how do you go about making a bubble hem? I'd like to try it :D

  6. So cute and delicate looking! I like the color on you a lot.

    Okay, so the humans/zombies game is something my brothers are obsessed with! They go crazy. I agree that it is interesting to watch and hear about! I think their school has a little different rules, but I do know that all the "humans" run around with water guns on campus. Hahaha!

  7. I love your dress! It looks really great on you. Did you use a store pattern or make your own?? I tried to make a dress once without a pattern and it ended badly so I'm afraid to try it again without a store bought pattern.

  8. Janice - Thank you! I'm totally sold on the bubble hem. :) & oh man, thanks for the tip on the glove!

    Heston Folks - Thanks! Miss you too!

    Heidi - Wow, I'm so flattered that you read through all the archives! And oh man, not enough can be said for the perfectly worn-out tee. They are utter perfection!

    Dork Vader - Thanks, cutie! Bubble hems are super easy--you make your skirt have a tube (or a-line) shaped skirt as the lining, just a tad shorter than the outer skirt. Then you gather the outer skirt hem & attach to the hem of the lining, right sides together. I found this tutorial on Craftster just now, it kind of explains it better than I did? [http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=85020.0] Good luck! :)

    Hannah - Thank you! Hahaha, it's so fun to watch. It's probably pretty much the same, but we can't have anything resembling a gun on campus--including nerf & water guns--so the "humans" throw socks to prevent zombies from attacking. It's been pretty amusing!

    Whitney - Aw, thanks! No, I just made it up as I went along--I used jersey knit so the fit didn't have to be perfect. I just used a tanktop for size reference on the top & then gathered a rectangle for the skirt--so simple! You should definitely give patternless sewing a try, it frees you up. :) And jersey is so forgiving, no matter what!

  9. Thanks Addie! That was really helpful :D
    We'll see what I can create now ^_^

  10. Mmmmmm......zombies eating humans on campus? LOL!!!
    Sounds like my kind of thang, love it!:)


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